Best Emoji Keyboard Apps to Download

Emoji Keyboard Apps

Who doesn’t use Emoji? Anyone who has a smartphone and has used apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger know what is Emoji and why we use it. We frequently use Emoji in our status updates, tweets and messages. Your smartphone has a basic emoji keyboard.

In this article, we will tell you about some emoji keyboard apps. If you have been using basic emoji keyboard, then now is the time to move on to advanced emoji keyboard apps. You must have seen people using cool emoji in their tweets and messages. Ever wonder how come they find those cool emoji on almost every occasion. Well, they use emoji keyboard apps. If you are looking to get emojis on iPhone 6 & iOS 8, read this amazing emojis guide for iPhone.

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List of 11 Cool Emoji Keyboard Apps

Here’s the list of best Emjji Keyboard apps for Android and iOS phones you can download and add extra fun to your text messages, tweets, and status.


Emoji++ Emoji KeyboardEmoji++ is for those who appreciate a variety of emoji. Basically, it is an iOS 8 keyboard which lets you see lists rather than tabs. Get Emoji++ now on your phone and start using exciting emoji. The app comes with a speed search function making it easy for you to search any emoji. There is also a way to build your own collection of emoji you frequently access.


EmojimoEmojimo is next on our list. The best feature about this keyboard is that it can convert your words into emoji as you type them. It is one of the quickest ways you can find to use your favorite emoji. Emojimo allows you type along with the emoji translation.


HipmojiHipmoji: If you have been using those familiar emoji images then it looks like it is time to change things a little bit. Himeji is an app which can offer you plenty of new emoji which you can use in your messages and tweets to impress your friends. It also offers Starbucks emoji. You can either use the keyboard to send them through iMessage. Using the app is extremely simple. You can simply drag and drop your favorite emojis onto the image. You can scale, rotate and mirror any emoji using your finger.

Emoji Type

Emoji-TypeEmoji Type is another cool emoji app you can find. Above we talked about how Emojimo works. Some people prefer using Emojimo because it converts your words into emoji as you type them. Emoji Type is one step ahead from Emojimo. In Emoji Type, when you type a word, it suggests emoji from which you can choose. The suggestions are based on the words you type. For instance, you type drink, Emoji Type will give suggestion like the soft drink, juices etc. Users find these suggestions very helpful as they don’t have to go and find themselves.


EmojiyoEmojiyo: People say that Emojiyo works just like Emoji++. It is true to some extent as it allows you build your own collection of frequently used emoji. In this way, the app saves your time. Emojiyo is ideal for apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Emojiyo lets you search emojis by name. You can use the drag and drop technique to organize emojis as you want them to appear.

Emoji Keyboard 2

Emoji-Keyboard-2We recommend Emoji Keyboard 2 if you want variety in emoji. There is also an Art tab in the app using which you can create pictures out emoji. There are standard emojis and if you want to use new and creative emoji then go to the Pic tab. There is also static and animated emojis.

Big Emoji Keyboard

Big Emoji KeyboardBig Emoji Keyboard allows you make your emoji stickers from your photos. For instance, you can turn any photo into a big emoji sticker. It offers a number of new emojis such as love emoji, flirt emoji, kiss emoji, beer emoji, ok emoji and much more. You can change color, background, and font whenever you want. As the name of the app suggests that it is the best app if you want big emoji stickers for your texts.

IKEA Emoticons

IKEA EmoticonsYou must be wondering what IKEA has to do with emoji keyboard app. We don’t know why IKEA did that but you need to have a look at the IKEA themed emoji images. Some of them are really very cool such as lamps, chairs, house etc. IKEA Emoticons is not as popular as other apps in this list. It has some limitations such as it is not compatible with all the popular social apps. It works fine with some of them but not all of them.

Emoji Seinfeld Edition

Emoji Seinfeld EditionJerry Seinfeld is the first name that comes to mind when we first hear about Emoji Seinfeld Edition. We can never forget how 90s sitcom Seinfeld made us laugh back then. You will love the way the app uses images from the sitcom Seinfeld. Emoji Seinfeld app works differently from other emoji apps you read about above. You can share the Seinfeld emoji as images over popular social platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc.


EmojiaryYou can guess that the word Emojiary is derived from two words Emoji and diary. Unlike other apps in this list, Emojiary is not a keyboard app. Yes, we know that in the beginning of the article we said that we will tell you about emoji keyboard apps. But we are only discussing Emojiary because it is a good app. The app is just like a virtual diary where you go and use an emoji to tell your inner feelings. Emojiary will ask you a question and you will answer in emoji or text. You can use the app on daily basis just like your personal diary where you write your personal things.

Add some fun and emotions to your text messages with these amazing emoji apps. There are a variety of apps but we mentioned the top ranking apps. Download and enjoy the nice smileys and emotions for free.

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