11 Effective Tinder Tips for Guys

Tinder Tips for Guys

Tinder is a popular online dating site. You must have noticed that so many online dating sites have emerged over the past few years. Now people have the choice to go to the dating site they find the best. There are paid sites and there are also free sites which can help you find your perfect match. These dating sites use some kind of algorithm or formula to help you find your perfect match. The suggestions are based on your background, country, personal like and dislikes. There are a lot of dating sites claiming to be the best in the business. Tinder is on its way to becoming the most used online dating platform.

Tinder can help you meet new girls in your town. People using Tinder keep increasing. There are millions of Tinder users around the world and new users keep joining the site. We will offer some useful Tinder tips for guys. Girls will also find some of these tips very useful but the main purpose of this article is to help guys. Tinder is an amazing platform if you are single and looking for a dating partner. So far, millions of people have found their dating partners on Tinder. But, still, there are some people who are having a hard time finding a date.

So, we are here to help you get what you want. In this article, you will find some great tips. The tips you find here are shared by those who have found success on Tinder. If they can do it, you too can do it.

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Common Tinder Tips

Most of the readers reading this article are on Tinder. If you are not on Tinder then join it now you will love it. There are many reasons you should join Tinder. It is the number one dating site you can find on the Internet. Once you have read this article, you will surely be able to find more girls. Some of the tips or strategies discussed here can be used by girls. So, this article is not only for guys but also for girls.

Profile Photo

Profile photo has a great importance on any social networking site including Tinder. Always keep one thing in mind that your profile photo is the first a person wants to have a look at. It is your profile picture because of which a person contacts you. So, your profile photo must be a good one because you would surely like to leave a strong first impression. Read the following instructions.

  • Your photo must be clear. The size of the photo should be appropriate. Best photos are those taken in well-lit place.
  • There should be only one person in your profile photo and that is you. When there are a lot of people in your profile photo, it will create problems for the visitors.
  • The photo you want to use as your profile picture must be the best one. You can also ask someone like your friend to help you select a photo you look the best in.
  • You better select two photos of yourself. One photo is also good but having two photos is the best. Two different photos give people a chance to look at you from two different angles.
  • You can also use your profile photo to tell something about yourself such as your hobbies. If you love cars, you can consider using a photo in which you can be seen with your favorite car. This is how you can use photos to tell something about yourself. So, select your profile photo wisely.
  • We will not recommend using selfies as your profile picture. Selfies often make your face look longer because your face is too close to the camera. You must have noticed the same thing many times. So, avoid selfies.

Profile Description

Launch the Tinder app and go to Settings. In the Settings, touch your profile photo and you will see “About You”. After your profile picture, people read your “About You”. People read you “About You” to have some idea about the kind of person you are. If a visitor finds something in your About You that catches his attention it can do the trick. If a person is interested in you, he would like to have a look at your pictures and your description.

This is why you need to have a good description. Don’t copy someone’s description and try to write the description in your own words. It is because your words will describe you the best. Here, the key is to be truthful. You can also include your favorite quote in the description. Some people provide personal information such as education, height, and city. You should only include the information a person may be interested in if he would like to meet you.

Match Radius & Age

Tinder uses the match radius to increase your pool of potential girls or guys to meet. You can change the radius anytime. Launch the Tinder app, go to Settings and Discovery Preferences. There you should see a slider. Tinder uses the slider to know how far away should go for matches. You can adjust the slider to tell the Tinder how far you want it to look for matches. Remember, the default setting is 50 miles. People living in big cities can reduce the slider to 10 miles and those living in rural areas may increase the slider to 70 or 80 miles.

Tinder allows you select the age of the girls you want to meet. 18 is the minimum age you can select and 50 is the maximum. Including women who are ten years younger and ten years older than you is recommended by many. It is your own decision. We recommend large age range because large age range means more potential matches.

Add Interests on Facebook

You will be happy to know that the number one dating site Tinder is linked to Facebook. It means there are a lot of things to bring into your Tinder account. In simple words, it uses your personal information such as your interests you provided on Facebook. This is how you can use the link between the two sites to your advantage.

If you are an active Facebook user then you must have liked a lot of pages. There are many pages that a Facebook user likes such as favorite movies, celebrities, books, music, singers etc. This is how two people who share common interests are matched. The Facebook pages you like help a person know you. You should only like a page you really like. Just liking a lot of pages to find a match can be a mistake.

Keep Away from Extremes

People should find your profile attractive. This is only possible if you portray a better image of yourself. Try to refrain from taking extreme positions because no one wants to date a person of an extreme personality. If you are passionate about something you can reflect it in one of your pictures and that’s enough. It will not be wise to reflect what you are crazy about in all three of your pictures.

Make sure that you don’t show too much skin. It may be a good advice for a girl. Here the key is to keep things simple and behave appropriately. It is good if you can make people laugh because your sense of humor attracts people. But if you are not funny then don’t try to be one.

Tips for Guys

Now we will give you some really useful tips which you will find very helpful. You just have to keep the following tips in mind when using Tinder. Remember, these tips are shared by those who have found success on Tinder. One question you need to ask yourself is why you are using Tinder. Are you on Tinder just to chat with girls? Some people join Tinder to find long term relationships. So, you should be very clear about why you joined Tinder. Your answer to this question will also determine your chances of finding success on Tinder.

Profile Photos for Men

As stated above your profile photo is very important on Tinder. What do you think a girl wants to see in her special guy? There are many things but most of the girls prefer guys who are successful and have a good sense of humor. Tall guys also attract girls. Keep these things in mind when choosing your profile photo. You need to be very clear about your personality traits. Make sure that your profile picture reflects your personality traits. If you work out and you have a perfect body then including a photo that shows your full body can do the trick.

Tinder Profile Photo

Tinder Pick up Lines

Guys often ask about Tinder pick up lines. It is good if you can come up with your own pickup line. But if you can’t, we are here to assist you. Sometimes pickup lines help you start a conversation. For many guys, starting a conversation is the most difficult thing to do. Once the conversation begins they gain confidence. You should use a new pick up line and if no girl responds then you can consider changing your pick up line. It is good to keep changing your pick up lines because using the same pickup line, again and again, will not produce the desired results. Your pick up line is your first impression and your first impression should be good. Most of the successful pickup lines have a touch of humor in them.

What She Wants

You should try to know why she is on Tinder. There are so many girls on Tinder. There are some girls on Tinder who just want to chat. You will also find girls on Tinder who just want friendship. There are many girls who join Tinder in search of a long term relationship. So, in simple words there are many girls and you never know why she is there unless you try to figure it out yourself. If she is not the one you are looking for then you can move on to the next girl. It will save a lot of your time on Tinder.

You will meet different types of girls on Tinder. Sometimes you need to decide quickly if she is the one you want or not. If she is not the one then don’t hesitate to cut the cord.

Be Patient

Some people find success on Tinder early. You should keep doing your best and don’t expect things to happen fast on Tinder. Behaving like a gentleman is very important because there is no doubt that girls like gentlemen. Some wrongly think that that flattery can help them find a decent girl. Remember, a girl always know if you are acting natural or pretending to be something you are actually not. So be yourself be a gentleman.

Using Tinder Swipes

You have limited swipes to use with your profile. But this is not the case with those who have paid for the premium Tinder Plus version. Tinder users are allowed to use 100 swipes a day. Once you have reached your daily limit of 100 swipes, a big timer will pop up telling you that you have used your daily quota of swipes. You must be very angry to see that on your screen. But there is nothing you can do about it unless you pay for the premium Tinder Plus version.

Are you interested in paying for the premium Tinder Plus? If yes, then you should know that users 28 and older pay $20 and those younger than 28 only pay $10. You may not be happy with their pricing policy but there is nothing you can do about it. It also gives an impression that Tinder encourages younger people to use their app.

What Else You Need to Know

Tinder is the most used app for online dating. Some people join Tinder but they don’t find immediate success and as a result, they stop using it. Keep one thing in mind that the more you try higher the chances of success. There is nothing wrong in practicing your free throws. For better results, you should use the app daily. If there is a girl you are not interested in, still you should not ignore her. Try to talk to her and ask her about her hobbies. Take it as a practice match before the real match. Keep trying and don’t let get disappointed if you don’t find success.

You never know what the response of a girl will be unless you ask her out. If she says no, move on to the next girl. The more you ask girls out, higher the chance of success. So, keep swiping right and chat with girls daily. There is no other app like Tinder. The app gives you an opportunity to meet new people.

In this article, we tried to give you some useful Tinder tips. We would also love to know your Tinder tips. Feel free to share with us.

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