7 Best 3D Modeling Software

Best 3D Software

Are you looking for 3D Modeling software? We know that your answer is yes. In this article, we will tell about top 3D modeling software. You must have seen architects and designers using digital 3D modeling. But those times are gone when 3D software was difficult to use. Developers keep trying to make 3D software more and more user-friendly. Now you can find a number of 3D software known for their simple and easy to use interface.

We are sure that you know why we use 3D modeling software. Well, for those who don’t know, we use 3D modeling software to design basic three-dimensional models of objects or characters. Most of the 3D software requires you to have the certain specification. They often provide ‘minimal’ and ‘recommended’ set of specifications.

Below we have listed some of the best 3D modeling software


Blender 3D SoftwareBlender is commonly used 3D software. You can download it for free. The software is known for its user-focused design programs. This is why Blender is often recommended for beginners. If you are new to 3D software then we suggest you use Blender because it is not only free but also very easy to use. You can use Blender to do a lot of things such as modeling, rigging etc. 3D software like Blender can be used for full-game creation. Blender is a kind of 3D software which specializes in multi-stage development. Take your time and familiarize yourself with the software. If it is your first time using 3D software then you be patient.


SketchUp 3D SoftwareSketchUp is also ranked among the top 3D modeling software you can use. For many, SketchUp holds the first position in the list of top 3D modeling software. But one thing is sure that is one of the top 3D modeling software. Just like Blender, SketchUp is also recommended for beginners. You will be happy to know that you can get SketchUp for free. The best thing about SketchUp is that it supports third-party plugins. SketchUp has countless tools for geometric objects.

Autodesk Maya

MayaThe next 3D modeling software on our list is Autodesk Maya. It has drop-down menus and icons. Autodesk is basically the computer animation software but most of the people know it as a 3D modeling software. You can use Autodesk Maya for animation purposes. Professionals prefer using Autodesk Maya because of detailed texturing and modeling possible in Maya.

3DS Max

3DS SoftwareIf you are a visual effects artist then we are sure that you will love using 3DS Max. Besides visual effects artists, 3DS Max has a lot which attracts game developers. 3DS Max is also used to create graphics for movies. Now you can imagine what you can achieve with 3DS Max. You can use the software without any hesitation if you want to create high-end productions.


ZBrushZBrush is mainly known as sculpting software. There is no software like ZBrush when it comes to creating figurines and magical creatures. ZBrush now can do a lot more than what it used to previously thanks to a number of updates. The software is available at affordable cost. Moreover, it allows users build directly in the system as well as apply rendering after the sculpting.

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