Best Minecraft Mods 2017

Minecraft Mods

There are some games that define generations. What are the first two or three names that come to mind when we talk about the games that are popular since generations? There is no doubt that games like Tetris and Pokemon were the favorite games of millions of people around the world. It looks like Minecraft is going to be the next big thing. People want to explore more and more and to explore more they need freedom. It is freedom that Minecraft has to offer to the game lovers.

The desire of exploring new and innovative ideas is common among the video game lovers. You will be surprised to know that Minecraft is built upon the same strategy. Perhaps this is the reason that it has been more than a decade and the game is still popular and is played by millions of people every day. The very same thing can be said about the “Sandbox” game. In this article, we will discuss Minecraft best gameplay modes that are downloadable for the PC version of Minecraft.

Top Minecraft Mods


Millenaire is the favorite mode of many because it has been downloaded a lot of times over the past one year or so. This mode makes you Minecraft worlds feel crowded but in a good way. Basically, it adds a lot of non-player characters to your game. The best about them is that they double the fun of your gaming experience.


Thaumcraft mode will change the way you think about this game. In this mode, you will be creating new objects using unlocked blocks. You should know that this mode is completely different from all other modes as other modes enhance the existing feature but this mode adds new content. You should definitely download this mode especially if you looking for something different and new.


In this mode, you get a lot of new items and features. Remember the new items and features are focused on the agricultural side of the game. Forestry is also one of the popular modes of the game. Forestry is not like Thaumscraft as it focuses on enhancing the existing features not adding a new content.

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