7 Best Movie Streaming Apps for Android and iPhone

Free Movie Apps

Enjoy movies anytime with these seven superb movie streaming apps for Android and iPhone devices.

A few years back we used smartphones just to make and receive calls. Is it still the same? Hell no. From last few years, smartphones have become a lot more than just a device used for making and receiving calls. We want our smartphone to do almost everything for us. Now, smartphones are used for watching movies, listening music, playing games and much more. It is difficult to list all the tasks we use our smartphone to perform every day.

Most of the smartphone users watch movies on their phones. Android and Apple phones are the popular worldwide. In this article, we will be talking about top free movie apps for Android and iPhone. Now you don’t have to watch or download illegal content which is a crime. There are many movie sites and apps running illegally. Those sites are illegal but somehow they manage to survive. You don’t commit a crime when you watch movies on such sites because you don’t know if they are legal or illegal.

This is why we are here. We will tell you about some of the best movie apps for Android and iPhone. These apps are the best movie watching apps. You must have noticed that many movie sites have been shut down over the past couple of years because of copyrights related issues. But if you want to know about the sites and apps that offer legal streaming services then you have landed on the right page.

Watch Movies Online With These Amazing Online Streaming Apps

Below we have discussed popular and top free movie streaming apps for Android and iPhone.


Crackle Movie Streaming

Crackle, without any doubt, tops our list of free movie apps for Android and iPhone. The name Crackle is not new for us. It has been there for years and looks like it will be there for years to come. One good thing about Crackle is that you can use Crackle app on your phone as well as on your tablets and smart TVs. This is what makes it different from many other movie apps you have seen before. The Crackle promises the personalized experience. For instance, you are watching a movie on Crackle and then something happens that needs your attention. You pause the movie and go to solve the issue. Later, you are on a different device and you can start your movie where you left off. Crackle is able to offer the best content because it is backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. You will be shocked to know that now Crackle is also involved in the production, and has produced its own TV series and movies. Sony Pictures Entertainment owns and operates Crackle.

Flipps HD

Flipps HD Movie StreamingFlipps HD makes to second on our list. Basically, there are some areas where Flipps HD is not like Crackle. For instance, sometimes there are streaming related issues which we don’t experience when using Crackle. One good thing about Flipps app is that you can use it as a remote control for watching television. Overall, it is a good movie app.


Popcornflix Movie StreamingSome people say that Popcornflix is just like Netflix. It is true to a great extent because you can watch your favorite movies on Popcornflix without fear of doing anything wrong because the content you find here is hundred percent legal. Just like Crackle, you will also find a big name behind Popcornflix and that name is Screen Media Ventures, LLC.


Snagfilms Watch Free MoviesSnagfilms app is another app you can get for your Android or iPhone. The app offers you countless movies, television shows, and documentaries. Now you can watch your favorite movies anytime and anywhere. Snagfilms app is a user-friendly app and you will find it very easy to use.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV Movie AppIf you are looking for an app that works like a website then the answer to your question is Tubi TV. Download and install TubiTV on your phone and open the doors to unlimited fun. Tubi TV has joined hands with Paramount Pictures and Starz to offer you the best content. It will be difficult to believe if you say you don’t find anything interesting on Tubi TV.


Viewster Watch Movies OnlineNext on our list is Viewster. You can easily find the movies of your favorite artists on Viewster thanks to its search feature. The app allows you search movies by actors and actresses. In addition, you can also find animated movies on Viewster. The app runs greatly on Android and iPhone. Make sure you updated the app whenever the update is available to enjoy the latest features.

Now you can easily watch your favorite movies on Android and iPhone with these best free movie streaming apps. Please do let us know if you know streaming apps other than the list presented above, also share your views about this article in the comments.

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