Top Music Sites for Downloading Songs Online

Best Music Sites to Download Songs

Download songs with these best online sites online. We cannot live without music. Can we? You will surely agree with us that there is no life without music. A few years back, before internet revolution, finding our favorite songs and music was not easy. But, the Internet has changed everything. You can find almost anything on the Internet including music and songs.

There are some dedicated online music sites which every music lover should know about. Below, we have given an introduction to some really amazing online music sites where you can go and download your favorite songs. We will discuss the options one by one.

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Amazing Apps for Downloading Free Music

iTunes Store

iTunes MusiciTunes Stores has made to the top of our list. The Internet is the best place to search music but if you want to save your time then you need to go to iTunes Store. We recommend iTunes Store because there is no other site like it when it comes to the selection of music tracks. If you have ever used an Apple device like iPhone, iPod, or Mac then you will know what iTunes Store has to offer. You must have an Apple device if you want to use iTunes Store. Besides downloading your favorite music you can also find audio books and movies on iTunes Store.

Amazon MP3

Amazon MP3 Free SongsAmazon MP3 is another largest source of online music you can find on the Internet. This is the place where you can go to find any kind of music and we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. There are other online sites offering you the music of your choice but at Amazon MP3 you will get high-quality music. In addition, Amazon’ Cloud Drive feature is the best of its kind. The digital music you purchase from Amazon MP3 is stored in the cloud. If you accidentally delete or lost your music you can always retrieve it from the cloud. Amazon’s Cloud Player is also available.


Spotify Free MusicSpotify is mainly known as a streaming music service. But we have included Spotify in our list of top online music sites for downloading songs because it lets you save music for listening offline. As you can guess offline feature was introduced so that you don’t have to depend on the availability of Internet connection to enjoy listening to your favorite music. Once you have saved songs using Spotify’s Offline Mode you can enjoy them wherever you go. Spotify allows you create Spotify playlists.Visit Website


NapsterNapster, now a Rhapsody company, is a well-known name in the online music industry. It is one of world’s leading online music sites. Napster has been around since 1998 offering you quality music. It is a subscription-based service so make sure that you first subscribe to enjoy the music. When you subscribe, you get MP3 credits are redeemable for MP3 downloads.

Napster app is available for multiple platforms like Windows Phone, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Onkyo, and Vizio etc. Visit Website


eMusic: Discover and Download MusicNext on our list is eMusic. You will have to subscribe first to download music from the site. Besides downloading music, you can also download audiobooks. If you have an iPod then you should certainly try using eMusic. Once you have subscribed to eMusic, you can start downloading music. Visit Website


7digital High-quality Digital Music Downloads7digital has countless tracks and videos. There are not many sites like 7digital. The best thing about 7digital is that you create a 7digital account, you get a free digital locker where you can safely keep your music so that you don’t have to download it again. Visit Website

Hope you find this article very useful. Keep coming back for more articles like this. Please share your views about free music and song downloading sites online guide.

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