How to to Take Screenshots Using Windows 8/10 Built-in Tools

Take Screenshots Windows 8/10

Have you ever thought about taking screenshots in Windows without even using a third-party tool? Of course, many of you have done this. But, the question is, how many ways you know to take a screenshot in Windows without using any third party tools. You are about to learn six different ways to take a screenshot using Windows 8.1/10 built-in tools.

6 Different Ways to Take Screenshot

Here are 6 easy step steps to take a screenshot on Windows.

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut: PrtScn (Print Screen) or CTRL+ PrtScn

This is one of the commonly known ways to take screenshots in almost any version of Windows. You simply have to press PrtScn key on your keyboard in order to take screenshots of your whole screen. Remember, the screenshot you take this way is saved to the clipboard.

  1. Windows + PrtScn

In the first method you read above, the screenshot is not saved on your hard disk but to the clipboard. Well, if you want to save the screenshot on your hard disk then you need to press Windows + PrtScn. If you are using Windows 8.1/10, you can find the saved screenshot in the Pictures Library.

  1. Alt + PrtScn

Do you want to take screen shots of active windows? Yes, it is possible if your device is running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Just open the window you wish to take the screenshot of and press Alt+PrtScn. This screenshot is saved to the clipboard.

  1. Snipping Tool

Have you heard about the Snipping Too? This is an amazing app you can use to take screenshots. You can use this app not only to take screenshots but also to do some editing.

  1. Using Windows Tablet?

Windows tablet can also be used to take screenshots using the Snipping Tool. Remember, Windows tablets don’t have any PrtScn key. So, you will have to use the Snipping Tool. Your Windows Tablet also has physical buttons that you can use to take screenshots. You can see Windows logo button on your tablet and the Volume Down key is located on the left side of the tablet. To take a screenshot, you need to press the Windows logo and the Volume Down key. The screen of your tablet goes black when you take screenshot. You can find the screenshot in the Pictures Library in the screenshots folder.

  1. The Share Charm

Remember, this feature is only limited to Windows 8.1. You can use the Charms to take screenshots in your Windows 8.1.

This is how you can take screenshots using Windows 8.1/10 built-in tools in six different ways. Hope you find this article helpful.

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