800-353-8237 Uber Toll-Free Number

800-353-8237 UBER

800-353-8237 is the Uber emergency phone number. In case you are wondering about the nature of the emergency then we must tell you that you can use the number when there is a serious safety or security issue. In the start of the article, we said that 800-353-8237 is the Uber emergency phone number. Yes, it is an Uber emergency phone number but Uber terms it as ‘Critical Safety Response Line’.

There are people who have been using Uber for years but they don’t know the emergency phone number of Uber which is 800-353-8237. The company tested the service for six months before introducing it officially. It is a well-tested service and the people who have used 800-353-8237 are satisfied with it. When you dial the emergency phone number, you are taken through to a call center. Currently, there are two call centers. One call center is located in Chicago and the other is located in Phoenix. You can talk to a live Uber customer service representative about the kind of emergency you are having.

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Uber emergency phone number 800-353-8237 is the only way you can talk to a human employee. The number was first surfaced in March 2017. The very first question people asked, why Uber didn’t disclose the number earlier. Some said Uber is perhaps the only company to do so. This is the twenty-first century and it is really difficult to believe that a company can do business without having a customer service or emergency phone number. Of course, there were other ways, and still are, to contact Uber like in-app support, email, and social i.e. Facebook and Twitter. But people prefer getting their complaints registered over the telephone.

Uber should have introduced his customer service phone number or emergency phone number 800-353-8237 earlier. Expect long automated messages when you dial the number but don’t be disappointed this is the only way you can talk to a human employee.

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