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BNSF Emulator

The BNSF Railway is a well know freight railroad network. There are more than 43,000 employees in the company. BNSF Railway Company was founded in 1996. Carl Ice is currently serving the company as its chairman, president, and chief executive officer. You can access the official website of the company at

As stated above BNSF employees are more than 43,000. The company offers remote access portal called BNSF to its employees. They simply access BNSF Emulator mainframe login portal and can do their work remotely. Remember, you can use BNSF emulator on Windows or Mac. Some people say they want to use BNSF emulator on iPad or Android devices. Well, they cannot do so because the mainframe emulator requires java.

What You Need to Run BNSF Emulator

You will need followings to run BNSF emulator on your computer.

  • Make sure that the Web browser you are using supports Java.
  • You can use the latest versions of the browsers like Chrome, IE and Firefox.
  • Virtual Java Machine

BNSF Emulator Login

If you are BNSF employee then you can use BNSF emulator. Following is the link you need to use to open the BNSF Emulator Mainframe Login portal.

  • When you go to the link given above, you will see the BNSF Emulator Mainframe login page.
  • There you will see two text fields named user ID and Password.
  • BNSF employees have a user ID. You just have to enter your User ID in the designated space.
  • Next, you will enter your password.
  • Finally, you will click Login button.

If the instructions are followed correctly, you should be able to access BNSF emulator login.

BNSF Emulator Login Credentials

You cannot login without entering your login credentials which consist of your User ID and Password. Those who don’t have BNSF Emulator login credentials can contact their supervisor to get their login credentials. But if you forgot your login information then contact the Mainframe Web Team.

Cannot Access BNSF Emulator?

Some users are unable to access BNSF Emulator on their computers. Most of them face one of the following issues. Below, we have listed commonly faced issues.

  • If you cannot access BNSF emulator, make sure you have installed all the latest updates. Try clearing the cache and memory. Close all the tabs you have opened and then restart your browser.
  • Sometimes firewall stops loading BNSF emulator. In this situation, you will have to give access permission to the website.
  • Contact BNSF security team if you are seeing “invalid token” error.
  • Sometimes users see 3270 buttons. Simply click on 3270 icons and then click on maximize. It will solve the problem.

Get in Touch with BNSF Emulator Support

Just dial 1-800-HELP649 OR 1-800-893-4357. Remember, they can only help if you are facing the outage related issue. They will ask you a few things such as name, contact number, the error message you are getting, ISP name and the problem you are facing. They may ask which Internet browser and the operating system you are using.

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