How to Access Cisco Wireless Router

Access Cisco Wireless Router

Cisco Valet and Linksys are the two product lines of wireless routers of Cisco. Users use Linksys and Cisco Valet to have access to the Internet wirelessly. There is one thing you need to keep in mind that the setup and configuration for above mentioned two product lines is not same. You can connect to Linksys wireless router by simply using a web browser. For this purpose, you use an Easy Setup Key that comes with the router. Easy Setup Key is plugged into a USB port in order install Cisco Connect software. You should not face any problem in connecting to the internet if your computer has already been setup to access the router (Cisco Valet or Linksys).

 Accessing a Cisco Linksys Router

  • First of all turn on your Cisco Linksys router by simply plugging it into a socket.
  • Get in front of your computer and locate the “Network” icon in the notification area at the bottom of the Windows 7.
  • Below the “Wireless Network Connection,” you can locate your Cisco Linksys router.
  • Enter the password if you are asked to. You should know the password in order to configure the router’s security settings.
  • Access any website e.g. in order to make sure that you are accessing Cisco Linksys router wirelessly.
  • Click in the address bar of the browser and enter “” and hit the Enter button from the keyboard. You will do so in order to have access to the administrative panel of your Cisco Linksys router.

Accessing a Cisco Valet Router

  • You simply have to follow the initial three steps in the preceding section, if you have already installed Cisco Connect to your computer and you are able to access your Cisco Valet wireless router from your computer. You can start from step 2 if this is your first time.
  • Now you will insert the Easy Setup Key into a USB port on your computer. This should result in the display of a pop-up window on your computer screen.
  • Choose “Connect to Your Cisco Valet.” It will result in the launch of Cisco Connect installation wizard.

You simply have to follow the on-screen instructions such as how to turn on and configure your Cisco Valet wireless router and how to connect it to the Internet. You will see congrats screen on your computer screen after the completion of the installation. Finally, close the wizard by clicking “Ok” button and remove the Easy Setup Key from the USB port.

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