Can We Use FaceTime on Windows?

Alternative Apps Like FaceTime

Apple’s FaceTime is a popular video calling app. We know that generally, Apple does not make its apps available on other platforms like Windows and Android. Apple developed FaceTime only for Apple devices. You can only use FaceTime on Apple devices. There is no FaceTime for PC available. We will tell you about some other apps which have the same features as FaceTime.

There are plenty of apps which support audio and video chatting. You can download them on your Windows PC. If you want only FaceTime then we must tell you that it is not possible right now. Right now it is difficult to say if Apple has any plans to launch FaceTime app for PC users.

Why You Can’t Use FaceTime?

Apple released FaceTime in 2010. There was also an announcement to make FaceTime an open industry standard. It means that developers will be able to develop software compatible with FaceTime. The decision was taken to allow third-party developers create all types of FaceTime-compatible apps. It was a very good move taken by Apple but then nothing happened. But Apple did nothing to make FaceTime a cross-platform standard. This is the actual reason why you, a Windows user, cannot use FaceTime to call your friends and family members who use FaceTime on an Apple device.

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Best Apps like FaceTime

Here’s the list of best alternative apps like FaceTime you can download and install without any hesitation on your Windows PC.

Now we will tell you some other apps like FaceTime which you can use on your Windows PC without any kind of compatibility issues. Most of these apps work across multiple platforms. Let’s have a look at them.


GlideGlide is a video calling app you can use on your Windows PC. It has all the features you wanted to use FaceTime for. You can use Glide to record short video clips and then send them to your friends. What you will if we tell you that Glide allows you have a group chat with over fifty people. Glide is available for popular platforms like Windows, iOS, and Windows.


imo appYou might have heard about IMO before. It is an instant messaging tool. It allows you make videos and send messages to your contacts using IMO. As we said above that FaceTime is not available for Windows so you can download IMO and to do video chatting with your friends and loved ones.


oovooooVoo has started earning the respect of the users. Windows users can download ooVoo for free video calls. ooVoo is also available for other devices like iOS and Andriod.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger is available for Windows PC. It is the favorite messaging and calling app of many. A few years back Facebook Messenger was available from the main Facebook site. But then Facebook launched Facebook Messenger separately. You can still use Facebook Messenger from your Facebook account when accessed through the desktop browser. It is a free app. You can make free calls to your friends and loved ones from Facebook Messenger.


WeChat app like FacetimeWeChat is another app like FaceTime. The app is very popular in China where it has millions of users. WeChat is available for Android and Apple devices. It is one of the fastest growing apps with nearly one billion subscribers.



SkypeSkype, founded in 2003, is now owned by Microsoft. Until a few years ago, most of the people used Skype to make video calls. But then many other video calling apps started to emerge. But Skype is still one of the best apps of its kind especially because of its conference call feature. Skype is free but it also has paid plans from which you can choose.

As we discussed above, You cannot use FaceTime on Windows PC but we have listed top best alternatives apps like FaceTime. Please share your views about this article in the comments box.

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