Amazing Hay Day Tips You Don’t Know

Hay Day Tips

Hay Day is one of the popular games played these days on smartphones. Supercell developed Hay Day and just to remind you that before Hay Day they developed Clash of Clans which broke all the records of popularity. There is no doubt that Clash of Clans was a big success. Hay Day is also a strategy game just like CoC. Those who love strategy games can imagine what kind of game Hay Day would be. There are times based challenges to keep your interest alive in the game.

Hay Day is a strategy game but it is not like Clash of Clans in any way. It is a completely different game. If you keep playing the game eventually you will find a winning strategy. We will give you some amazing Hay Day tips which you will find very useful. If you keep these tips in your mind, you have a kind of competitive advantage.

It is needless to say that you must have installed the app first. iPhone and Android users can find the Hay Day app on the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. You don’t have to pay anything to get the app because the app is free. It has in-app purchases because this is the only way for them to make money and keep things going. Have a look at the following Hay Day tips and tricks.

Make Money Fast

Want to make money? There are some ways to make money and one of them is planting wheat. This is the best tip we can get from us. You should try planting wheat whenever and wherever possible. When the time comes you will harvest your wheat crops, store what you need and sell off the rest. Those who have been playing Hay Day know that this is the commonly used way to make money. Some people say that it is a good way to make money but at the same time, they find it boring.


Hay Day players know that coins are used in Hay Day as a currency. But diamonds are far better than coins. We recommend you grab as many diamonds as you can and there will be a time when you will realize why we recommended so. Players can also buy diamonds as an in-app purchase. Do you want to know more ways of earning diamonds? Read the following.

  • When you level up, you receive a couple of diamonds as a reward.
  • Go to Hay Day Facebook page to earn more diamonds.
  • You get five diamonds when you login to Facebook with Hay Day.
  • You earn more diamonds whenever you complete a task.
  • Mystery boxes also contain diamonds.
  • You can get a diamond and the price is a 30-second trailer of another app.

Wait and Don’t Rush a Sale

There are situations when you want to sell your goods but the buyer is not offering the right price. You can always wait for the buyer who is willing to pay what you want. So, there is no need to rush a sale. Selling your precious items at lower prices will surely hurt you. You can also avoid this situation by keeping your financial matters organized so that you don’t have to rush a sale. Hay Day does not require its players to be economics expert but there is a simple rule of economics you will find very useful. That rule is, but when there are low demand and high supply and sell where there is high demand and low supply.

Maintain Crops

Only farmers can tell how important it is to maintain crops. You should sell your harvest whenever you find the good buyer but never turn a blind eye to your crops. If you don’t manage your crops it will hurt you in the long run. There should be enough seeds in your storage so that you don’t have to purchase from others at the price they demand.

New Deals

There may be times when you don’t find a good deal in the newspaper. It happens to almost every Hay Day player so there is nothing to worry about. Some people wrongly believe that rechecking the newspaper will automatically load a new deal. But there is a way to load a new deal. Close the Hay Day app and then open it again and you will find new Hay Day newspaper deals. Here, close means completely closed. Android users will go to settings and then Application Manager and there touch the Force Stop button to close the app completely.

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