Best App Killer for Android and iPhone

App Killer for Android and iPhone

App killer is an app which simply eliminates apps running in the background of your iPhone or Android phone. We must do something about such apps because if we don’t they will consume your device battery. Apps running in the background also use your CPU. So, now you know why you need to know about the killers. In this article, we will show you which apps you should have on your iOS and Android device to make sure that there is no app running in the background.

Those who use PC know that some programs run in the background even when there is no one using the PC. You must have noticed that sometimes your PC takes longer than it should open a program. It is because of those apps running in the background slowing down your system.

The very first thing you need to know is that Android and iOS are different from your computer. There are some apps but they are not running. Basically, those apps are paused or suspended. Remember, paused or suspended apps don’t use the battery. If you run them again then they will use power. You must have noticed that most of the apps stop working when you switch to another app. Generally, music apps keep playing in the background even when you go to another app. We don’t mind them being running in the background because we are using them.

Why Use App Killers?

Above we talked about apps which are either paused or suspended. Having such apps on your device is not good for your device because they use the power which you think you are saving. You use app killers to save power but they do exactly opposite to it. Below we have shown why you shouldn’t use app killers.

  • If there are apps you are not using, app killers remove them.
  • App killers simply stop the programs running in the background. Remember, any program running in the background will be stopped including music apps and downloading apps (if there are any).
  • It remembers where you were when you closed the app, and when you open the app you can start where you left off. An app killer doesn’t just pause the app, it completely closes the app. If you want to open the closed app then you will need to load it from the device. There is no way you can open it from the paused version which means more power consumption.
  • Some apps are configured to load automatically. For instance, an app killer closes an app and when the same app loads automatically it will use more battery.

This is why we say that app killers are not good for your device.

iPhone and Android App Killers

iPhone and Android users don’t need any app killer. These devices can remove paused or suspended apps so you don’t have to worry about them. If there are apps you didn’t use for a few days, they will be removed automatically by your iPhone or Android device. So iPhone and Android devices have their own task killers and you don’t need to install them separately.

iPhone users will simply press the Home button twice to see which apps are running in the background. Some apps on your phone consume more power than others. Now it is your job to identify which apps consume more power than others.

Most of the devices including iPhone and Android have built-in task managers that can tell which apps are running in the background. There are also third-party task manager apps which you can download on your device to make things easier for yourself. Popular task manager apps for Android and iPhone are Watchdog Task Manager Lite and SnapStats respectively.

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