Best iMessage Alternative Instant Messengers for Free Video Calls

Alternative Apps Like iMessage

iPhone users use iMessage which is a powerful text message app. There are Android users who want to install and use iMessage but the problem is that iMessage is only limited to iPhone and it is not available for Android devices.

Well, we did some research and discovered that there are some apps as good as iPhone’s iMessage. We took a good look at various aspects of those apps and came to the conclusion that they qualify to be called iMessage alternatives.

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The apps we are going to discuss below are the top messaging apps. Some of you must be saying that there is no app like iMessage. Well, there is no doubt that iMessage is a great app but Android users cannot use it. iMessage is the best app of its kind and there were rumors that Apple will make it available for other platforms like Android and Windows Phone. Below, we have given a brief introduction to some of the top apps like iMessage for Android.

7 top similar Apps Like iMessage.Here’s the list of top best alternatives to iMessage for your Android phone and tablets.


Whatsapp App Like iMessageWhatsApp is another app like iMessage. Many of you may already be using WhatsApp. The app is popular worldwide for instant messaging, voice calling and video calling. WhatsApp has improved security features and WhatsApp messages and calls are now secured with the end to end encryption.

Install WhatsApp on your phone now and we guarantee that you will love using it. You can use the Web version of the app from your computer. Currently, there are more than one billion WhatsApp users worldwide making it the top app of its kind based on the number of users. You can share your location over WhatsApp with others. Connect your phone to Wi-Fi and enjoy free WhatsApp calls and messages. See best WhatsApp alternative instant messengers.


PushbulletIs it the first time you have heard about Pushbullet? If yes then you are not the only one to say so. Many of you must be wondering what this thing named ‘PushBullet’ is. Some people think that PushBullet is used for sharing files only. Yes, it can share files but this is not the only thing it does. You can use it just like you use any other messaging app. There are other ways like using Dropbox to share your files but Pushbullet is the best way to do the job.

The messaging functionality of the app has attracted the attention of people.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook MessengerMost of you may already be using Facebook Messenger. You can use Facebook Messenger for instant messaging and calls. You can share pictures with your friends and family members. Facebook owns WhatsApp but Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger have their own features. WhatsApp Messenger is widely used worldwide. Facebook Messenger is not as popular as WhatsApp Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is different from your Facebook account. You need to install it separately on your smartphone. If you have a Facebook account you can use the Facebook Messenger.


Viber iMessage AlternativeViber is another great app you can use on your Android phone. Your phone must be connected to Wi-Fi to make calls from Viber. The app works just like Skype. Now the Viber for desktop is also available. Once you have downloaded Viber for the desktop you can start sending messages right from your computer. If you cannot use iMessage for some reasons then get Viber.


SkypeMicrosoft-owned Skype can be used instead of iMessage. It is best known for providing powerful but simple application, nice interface and cheap communication opportunity for those who are looking for inexpensive landline calls. The app is free, so you can make unlimited Skype to Skype audio and video calls and instant messages. Not only this but can also share photos, audio, video messages, all kind of supporting documents.

Skype is available for free on all platforms including Android (phone and tablet), iOS (iPhone and iPad), Blackberry, Symbian, Windows and Desktop PC computers.


BBMWith over 100 million downloads, BBM is still popular among most of the Android users. You can easily chat with your friends who are still on Blackberry. BBM (Blackberry Messenger) features a variety of interesting features such as user make free calls, broadcast a message to all BBM contacts, group chat, stickers, emotions, and others.

With BBM Pin, you can keep your number private while chatting with others. It also allows users to block someone from sending you messages. No doubt, it is the direct competitor of Skype in many ways. The app is available on Google Play Store for free.

imo Instant Messenger

imo messengerExpress yourself with beautiful stickers on imo. The app is popular among people of all ages. LIke other Skype alternatives, imo also offers free video and audio calls and instant messages. The interface is cool and user-friendly. The app is available for Android phone and tablets. There are so many instant messengers out there, but IMO is an excellent choice if you want to make high-quality jerk-free video calls to keep in touch with your friends all over the world. Don’t hesitate to download this amazing app for your phone.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the first app in our list. The app can do everything you want it to do such as instant messaging, voice calls and video chats. The best thing about Google Hangouts is that you can send messages from your PC or your smartphone and the conversation syncs. Google has made it easy for users to access and use Google Hangouts. Previously, Google Hangouts was only available in Gmail but now you can access Google Hangout’s website.

The app allows you share stickers, GIFs etc. Those who are not Android users can also use the app. So get Google Hangouts now and start calling your friends and family members.

More Alternatives You Can Use

  • InMessage – Chat, meet and date directly with nearby users
  • Yahoo Messenger – Still best for one-on-one or group chat
  • Kik – Share photos, videos, gifs, play games, and more
  • Google Allo – Now express yourself better with stickers
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages

Now you can choose anyone out of these 13 best apps similar to iMessage. All apps are available for popular mobile cell phone operating systems including Android and iOS. Download and enjoy messaging alternative apps like iMessage. Please don’t forget to share your views and comments about this article in the comments box below.

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