Android Screenshots: 9 Best Apps to Capture Them

Screenshot Apps Android

Use these amazing screenshot apps to capture your screen into images. No doubt, these are the best snapshot tools available for free on Google Play Store for Android phone and tablets. Saving a screen image is not complicated. Just read this article and choose the best app for your Android device.

In some situations, you may need to grab your screen image to send it to your friends. You want to show them that you are on the top of the list on your favorite game or for troubleshooting, your vender may ask you to send a screenshot so that they will help you to resolve the problem. If you are an educationist and want to capture images to show your students, then you need these apps to get the job done.

How to Capture a Screenshot on Android Phone

Here’s the list of my favorite apps that you can use to take a screenshot of your Android phone easily and quickly for free. With these apps, you can not only grab the whole screen but also a portion of it. Editing the captured image is also possible.

  • Super Screenshot: With over five million downloads, the app has got a 4.5 rating on Google Play Store. It is amazingly fast, containing a variety of editing options which you can use to resize, rotate, add text and apply filters. Snapshots will be saved directly on SD card and you can easily connect it to your PC to transfer images. What’s more, you can create a meme using your own photo by adding colorful text. Blurring option can help you to hide the unwanted area of your snapshot. In other words, we can say that it is a perfect Photoshop alternative for Android devices which you can use to edit your screen image with limited availability of image editing tools.
  • With an incredible set of tools, Screenshot Crop & Share is an advanced app lets you capture, edit and share instantly. It is also capable of capturing a specific portion of your screen. Cropping and blurring can make your snap more creative and impressive. What’s more, you can grab an image without status and navigation bar. The app is created by Daniel Huber and available for free on Google Play Store for your Android phone and tablet.
  • Adding extra fun to your screenshots can make your mood more excited instead of sharing a simple image having navigation and status bars on top and bottom. Touchshot is the ultimate app that will take you to the next level of creativity. What’s more, you can record your screen activity to make a video. For more details, read how to record your Android screen.
  • Want to take a screenshot of your WhatsApp conversation? But question is that, how can you capture the scrolling part of the chat. Similarly, taking a screenshot of a long webpage can be a little complicated if you don’t have Stitch & Share: big screenshot app. The app is created by Glitch and available for free download on Google Play Store.
  • Multifunctional screen grabbing app Screenshot Ultimate is one of the best tools which you can use to capture, edit and share your Android screen. It contains a huge set of tools and effects which can be used to enhance images by applying beautiful effects. Most of the users use this app to create a collage and share with their friends on instant messengers and social media sites.
  • Decorate your screenshot simply by adding some creative 3D frames, shadows, and rotations. Perfect Screen Shot (Classic) is available for Android and iOS platforms. Just like other apps, it also includes image editing and enhancement features such as adding shapes, text, fonts, colors, and drawing etc.

Capturing screenshots doesn’t require much knowledge or experience. Android apps can do everything for you. Your first step is to download the best app for your phone or tablet. Please don’t forget to share your views about your favorite app.

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