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iOS Emulator Windows

You must have heard about and used some Android emulators like Bluestack, Andyroid etc. But, today, we are going to tell you about iOS emulators. First things first, why, we use iOS emulators. If you know why we use Android emulators then it will be easy to answer. Android emulators are used when we need to run an Android app on Windows or iOS. Similarly, iOS emulators are used when we want to run.

Android emulators are used when we need to run an Android app on Windows or iOS. Similarly, iOS emulators are used when we want to run iOS app on Windows. Some people don’t have an iPhone and they use an iOS emulator just to check how an iOS works. Well, whatever your reason is, we will tell you about best and commonly used iOS emulators for Windows.

How an iOS Emulator Works

An iOS emulator makes your Windows computer behave like an Apple device. We use an iOS emulator when we want to run an iOS app on a Windows system because otherwise, our Windows system will not run an iOS app. iOS apps are meant to be installed and run on Apple devices only and same things can also be said about the Windows apps and Android apps. This is why people use iOS emulators to be able to use their favorite iOS apps on the platform other than iOS. Moreover, developers use iOS emulators to test run their apps to check if the app runs smoothly.

iOS Emulator vs. iOS Simulator

Generally, people think that there is no difference between an emulator and simulator. But, there is a difference between them. The former emulates or mimics both software and hardware environment on host devices but the later mimics only software environment on host devices. Some of you might be wondering if they should use emulator or simulator. Before you ask that question, you need to be clear about what you want to do. If analysis and study are all you need to do then simulator is fine. But if you need to test the app then you need an emulator. Remember emulator mimics both software and hardware.

Features of iOS Emulator

Above, we talked about things you can do using an iOS emulator. There are many iOS emulators available these days and most of them are available for free.  Let’s have a look at what you can do with an iOS emulator.

  • If you have developed an app, you can use an iOS emulator to test it.
  • The use of an emulator is not limited to one particular device. You can use it on a number of devices.
  • Apple makes quality products. The company invests a lot in research and development to make sure that they develop best products. This is the reason Apple products are expensive as compared to its counterparts. Some people can’t buy Apple products because they can’t afford it. So they use iOS emulators to be able to use their favorite iOS apps.
  • Some people are not sure if they will like Apple products are not. So they use iOS emulators to check how it feels using an iOS device. If they like it they go and buy the Apple product.

Above, we have explained the one major difference between an emulator and simulator. There is nothing more special to talk about them. Now we will tell you about top iOS emulators for Windows. If it is your first time using an emulator then it will be difficult for you to select an emulator you need. We will give you some information about the top emulators to help you make the right decision.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows 7/8/10

Following iOS emulators are the best and they are also popular among users.

1. MobiOne Studio


Mobione Studio iOS Emulator for Windows

MobiOne is second on our list of top iOS emulators for Windows. You can guess the popularity of this emulator by the fact that it is used by millions of users around the world. It was 2009 when MobiOne Studio was first launched. The emulator received the attention of designers and developers around the world because of its features like customized user interface templates. This emulator is also different from others because it also supports large sized apps for review and testing. You can also transfer your apps to your smartphone or any other mobile device through common text messaging.

2. Smartface

Smartface iOS EmulatorSmart Face is the widely used iOS emulator. If you are a developer then you can use Smart Face on your Windows to develop iOS apps for free. Smart Face is easy to use. First, you will install the app which you can find from the App Store. Once you have installed the app then you can connect it to the Windows. You will need to make sure that your iTunes is installed on your Windows. If you are a developer, you can use install Smart Face on your Windows computer and then develop iOS apps seamlessly. The best thing about Smart Face is that you can also debug your apps. The emulator lets you test the apps you develop in different iOS environments.

3. Air iPhone Emulator

If you are looking for an iOS emulator which is easy to use then you need Air iPhone. You may not be able to access the App Store and the Safari browser through Air iPhone emulator but still, it has a lot to offer you. There are other plenty of apps you can access through Air iPhone such as notepad, calculator etc. Air iPhone emulator works on the flash and therefore it is of no use for developers. But if you just want to see how it is like using an iOS app then Air iPhone can do the job. Developers can go for the other emulators we have discussed on this list.

4. iPadian

iPadian iOS Emulator for PCMost of the PCs run Windows 7, 8 and 10 these days. You can use iPadian on a system running Windows. Those who have Windows XP can also use iPadian. Above, we told you about emulators and simulators. iPadian is basically a simulator and you know what exactly a simulator does. When you use iPadian, you can only access its own app store. If you are planning to buy an Apple device and want to know how it is like using an Apple device then iPadian is the emulator you need. There are some functions like touch and swap which you may not be able to use on your PC otherwise the app works perfectly. Have a look at the following features of iPadian for PC.

  • It is free.
  • The free version will let you access iPadian’s own App Store.
  • You can also access Apple App Store if you have the paid version
  • No ads in the paid version
  • Price starts from $10.

Makes sure that you follow the instructions given below to install iPadian

  • Download iPadian on your Windows computer
  • Go to the folder containing the file you downloaded above and open it.
  • Just follow the instructions you see on your screen to install iPadian on your PC.

Using iPadian is easy. This is how to do it.

  • You have installed iPadian on your Windows PC. You will find an iPadian icon on your desktop.
  • Open iPadian by double-clicking the icon.
  • Next click on Store
  • From the Store, you can start downloading the apps.

5. Xamarin Testflight

Next on our list is Xamarin Testflight. According to many users, Xamarin Testflight is a perfect iOS emulator for because of developer support. It is not free and you will have to pay if you want to use it. But don’t worry, you will not regret it.

6. EmulatorLast but not the least is also the favorite iOS emulators of many. You can download the emulators discussed above but not Appetize.Io. Basically, it is a cloud-based emulator. If you are looking for a cloud-based emulator then go for without any hesitation. It is the best of its kind. The paid version of will cost you $0.05 per minute. The free version will give you 100 minutes free. You just have to upload .ipa file in the upload form and then enter your email address. A link will be sent in your inbox clicking which you can test your .ipa file in the online emulator.

Now you know pros and cons of the above-mentioned iOS emulators for Windows. Don’t think too much about the features of each of the emulators we talked about above. You just need to see that what you need an emulator for and then check which emulators can help you get what you want to achieve. Then there are other factors which can influence your decision such as cost, compatibility etc.

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