7 Best Photoshop Alternatives: Similar Software for Image Editing

Photoshop Alternatives

Looking for similar software like Photoshop?. Here’s the list of top and frequently used Adobe Photoshop alternatives for image editing. Adobe Photoshop is the best tool you can find for photo editing and manipulation software.

You will not believe your eyes if you just look at the pictures created by Adobe Photoshop professionals. Adobe Photoshop is a popular tool first created in 1990 for popular operating systems like Windows and Mac OS. Currently, the program is available in more than twenty languages.

Top 10 Free Image Editing Android Apps

Now the word ‘Photoshop’ is frequently used as a synonym for photo editing software. People also use the word as a verb such as Photoshop contest, Photoshopped pictures etc. Adobe Photoshop gives you the right tools using which you can create almost anything. The program allows you use plug-ins. There are countless plugins you can choose from. Commonly known plugins are Filter and Adobe Camera Raw.

List of Best Software Similar to Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is popular because it has a variety of tools using which you can do many things. Below we have created a list of apps like Adobe Photoshop. We know that you love using Adobe Photoshop and there is no way you are going to switch to any other program but still we recommend at least give following apps a try.


GIMP Similar to PhotoshopGIMP is an open source raster graphics editor. It is a popular app just like Adobe Photoshop. GIMP is a cross-platform program available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. If you are looking for a free app like Photoshop then it means you need GIMP. Photoshop offers a lot more features than GIMP but still, it is a good option to consider if you need a good tool to edit your photos. It supports a wide range of formats such as RAW formats, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc. Read more…


Edit image with Paint.NetPaint.net was first released in 2004. We can say that the program was built to be an extended version of Windows Paint. Some of the features of Windows Paint program is also found in Paint.net. Photoshop is the best app of its kind and it will be unfair to compare Paint.net with a powerful tool like Photoshop. Paint.net also supports a wide range of plugins which you can use. It is a very user-friendly tool just like Windows default Paint program. You can use Paint.net on Windows 7 and later versions of Windows. The best thing about Paint.net is that it is free. Read more…


Pixlr similar to PhotoshopAbove we talked about photo editing programs which you first install on your computer in order to use them. But what if, someone wants to use the web-based photo editing tool. Now you can edit your photos within your Web browser thanks to Pixlr. You don’t have to pay anything to get Pixlr because it is available for free. Pixlr is a web-based program and also available for Android and iOS and supported file formats are PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF.


PhotoscapePhotoscape is another alternative to Photoshop. Just like other apps listed above Photoscape is mainly used to edit your photos taken from cameras and smartphones. Photoescape is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac. Its basic features are the color adjustment, cutting, resizing, printing and GIF animation. Creating GIF images is easy with Photoscape GIF Animation. Photoscape has a number of useful features like screen capture, photo batch-editor, color picker, and face finder etc. You can save monitor screen into an image file using Screen Capture feature. Photoscape is available in multiple languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, Nederlands, Swedish, French and many others.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

CorelDRAWCorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a perfect image editing tool for professionals as well as beginners. You need to take a look at the application included in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. It includes  CorelDRAW X6, CorelPHOTO-PAINT X6, Corel PowerTRACE X6, Corel Website Creator X6, Correl CAPTURE X6, Correl Connect X6 and PhotoZoom Pro 2. Those who have used CorelDRAW Graphics suite before will love the newly included features. Now you can easily copy and paste large objects. Creating layouts was never easy as it is now. There are new alignment guides helping you position quickly. Read more…

Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos ProPhoto Post Pro is another alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Even if you have Adobe Photoshop, you can still try using Photo Pos Pro because it is free. There are also plugins which you can use. The interface of Photo Pos Pro is very easy. You can find the main tools down the left-hand side. It has everything you need to edit your beautiful pictures. Now you can also remove red eyes. You will surely love the selection of filters and effects. There is a wide range of brushes which can be further customized. It supports file formats like GIF, JPEG, and TIFF.

Adobe Photoshop has been there for years and now it has become a must-have tool when it comes to image editing. But there are other programs like Photoshop you should know about. Some of similar Photoshop alternatives are listed above. They have started attracting the attention of novice as well as professional users.

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