How to Find Birth Records Online

Birth Records

An educational guide to learn how to find someone’s birth record online easily and quickly with primary and secondary sources.

Searching a birth record online has never been easier. Now, The world is connected through the internet. Everything is available online and accessible through the web on a computer and smart devices. It is an ideal time to search someone’s birth record history such as date of birth, place of birth, mother name, blood group and other information. There is a wealth of information available online now. Please remember, not everything can be accessed over the internet, but you can definitely find links for particular information which you can use to send a request to obtain the records that are not available online for the public.

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Initiating the Search for Recent documents

Question: Where I can get a copy of my birth certificate?

The best way to obtain a birth record is to contact the relevant departments, i.e., the office that actually processed the birth-related documents.

Basically, birth certificates and records are not public documents. They are originated by the government departments and can be obtained through those offices or organizations. Accessing such kind of documents also depends on the location because laws and procedures vary from state to state in the USA.

Your First Step

California Birth Records

Your first step is to start your search online. We recommended you to use Google, the most reliable source for finding information on the web. Simply enter the name of the state along with keyword “birth records”. Google will show you top ten most relevant results. For example, enter “California” state name along with “birth records”. You will see the top results with .gov or .org domains. Make sure to open the .gov portals because .gov domains are owned and operated by the government and the right place to contact the right department.

If you are visiting third party sites other than .gov, then there are chances that they demand charges for delivering documents. We recommended you to visit only government websites for that purpose because they are authentic and reliable.

Recent Vs Old Records

Question: Are all birth certificates public record?

If you want to obtain old records, then online portals can help you better. Please keep in mind that not all records are available online for public access. For example, census records cannot be found for at least a few decades after their release. Similarly, most recent birth records cannot be accessed online. They can be obtained from the government organizations or offices.

Finding genealogical records is now very easy. is one of the most reliable genealogy organizations in the world. It is, no doubt, a great place for family trees, genealogy records, and resources. The organization is operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Account Sign Up

A sign up is not required in order to search genealogical records such as birth records, death records, census data, marriage, etc. You can search the database using site search functionality without creating your account. However, the sign-up process is very simple. You can join the service by clicking the “Free Account” button located at the top right corner of the site.

How to Search Genealogical Records

Searching vital information is now very easy because FamilySearch integrated a comprehensive search box with a variety of options. To start your search please follow these simple steps.

  • Go to
  • Click “Search” in the top navigation
  • Enter first name and last name
  • For birth record, enter birthplace and birth year
  • Enter country name
  • Finally, click “Search” button to get relevant results.

A list of search results will appear along with a variety of other options to narrow down your search results.

Finding the recent birth records

Question: How do I find birth records online for free?

As stated above, the first step to lookup a birth certificate is to start a search on Google with name + state. For example, you can use Elizabeth + Alabama. Google will show you top ten most relevant results on its first page pointing you to the state records offices. It is recommended to visit only .gov or .us domains because these are official government operated online databases which you can use to track down the copy of a birth record.

Here’s how you can exactly perform a search on google. Type “birth records” Alabama. You can also search for state and county name to get more specific results.

Finding a birth certificate or record is a little tricky because laws vary from state to state in the United States. Some states keep the data through the state library system. So you can search with the following term.

birth records “state library” Alabama

Google will return most relevant links pointing to the particular local state related sites. For example, we found site by performing the search with the term mentioned above.

Finding public records online such as recent copies of birth records is a great idea and it is the first step that you should take to start your journey to find such kind of information. You cannot download records directly from the internet but definitely found links pointed to the originating entities. Recent birth records can be found directly from state offices by writing them online or visiting personally. For recent results, you can use, which is a powerful tool to track down the family history.

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