Using BK Gateway: The Burger King Employee Portal

BK Gateway

BK Gateway is basically the Burger King Employee Portal. This is also the training portal accessed by employees of Burger King for training purposes. Burger King is one of the largest fast food restaurant chains in the world. Burger King was founded in 1953 as Insta-Burger King in Jacksonville, Florida. But the company was later named Burger King. David Edgerton and James McLamore were the founders of the company. The company is currently headquartered in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Alexandre Behring is currently serving the company as its chairman and Daniel S. Schwartz is the chief executive officer of the company.

Currently, BK is operating in more than sixty-five countries with over eleven thousand restaurants. Employees of Burger King have always been considered the most important asset of the company. This is the reason BK never quits its search for hardworking employees. Employees of the company are trained in company protocol and customer satisfaction. Employees getting training at Burger King are offered rewards and promotion opportunities. In BK an employee assumes various roles such as cashier, cooks, performing duties at drive-thru windows etc.

In simple words, you can think of a utility infielder on a baseball team. So we can say that there is continuous variation in the duties performed by an employee of Burger King. Sometimes you will see Burger King Employees greeting customers and providing them friendly and welcoming environment. At some other times, they are seen taking drink and food orders at the counter. Sometimes they are responsible for preparing food items for customers. At Burger King, on the job training is still considered the best way to train new employees. In addition, employees are also given access to the employee portal training website. So we can say that a combination of on-site and online training has helped Burger King get the best of its employees.

New employees of BK are required to complete the Right-Track Training Program. The program is designed by BK Gateway and the purpose of designing this program is to train employees no matter they had previous food service experience or not. A normal training day can be divided into two halves. There are video and work-shopping activities during the first half of the day. Employees are shown videos showing the company’s history, policies and the basics of working for the company. It is about employee safety, food safety and working the cash registers. Minimizing any legal suits is the main reason behind all these training activities.

Hands-on Training

Now the training moves to hands-on interactive training. Newly hired employees may be trained in the basics of front counter work and handling the drive-thru windows. It is all about practice, the more they practice the more they become used to the systems, buttons and cash register. This portion of training is supervised by experienced employees and managers.

At Burger King, training of the employees never ends. Once their training period officially ends, they can still access the Burger Gateway website for updated and advanced training in food safety and customer interaction. Promotions and special programs are offered to those who successfully finish advanced training. Remember benefits offered by the companies at the time of completion of training may vary depending on the type of company you work for. So you simply need to do their best in the training time period.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers never stop asking questions. So it is the job of employees to come up with satisfactory answers to the questions asked by customers. Customers usually ask questions about menus, store policies and services and they expect employees to address their questions and concerns in a satisfactory manner. BK Employee Portal prepares employees to handle everything from commonly faced issues to the most difficult situations. In addition keeping the store clean is also included in the responsibility of Burger King Employees.

A clean store attracts more customers. Generally, the initial training doesn’t take very long. It is normally about a complete day of audio-video presentations. There is a lot of stuff that newly hired employees learn on the job such as how to handle trouble making customers. Training, provided to employees, help them get promotion and reach managerial positions. The routine shift of a newly hired worker of BK may include cleaning boilers, cleaning the dining room, washing dishes, performing side work and greeting customers.

Other Training Programs of BK Gateway

There are some other programs offered by Burger King Gateway targeting everything from managerial positions to franchise owners. There is also a 440-hour program for franchisees that is designed to help them ensure smoothness in all levels of their operation. Typical management training includes orientations, history, and mission and core values.

Managerial training is designed around daily operational work that helps build the capacity to run stores smoothly in managers. In addition, there are some key leadership skills and tools that are taught on job for months. There may be field assignments covering operations profitability, sales coach, district manager etc. The BK Employee Portal remains the main destination to facilitate every kind of e-learning course offered to an employee during the training program. So take a piece of paper and write down your login credentials and keep it somewhere safe as this piece of paper is your key to success at BK.

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