Block a Sender in Gmail

Block a Sender in Gmail

Gmail is the most used email service worldwide. Currently, there are more than one billion people using Gmail around the world. Once you have blocked a sender you will stop receiving his messages. Sometimes we keep receiving emails from a particular email address. For instance, you are receiving five emails a day and you have requested the sender to stop it but in vain. Now, what is it you can do to block a sender in Gmail?

If you are deleting emails one by one then we must tell you that it is a very tough thing to do. Of course, you can delete five emails a day but what if there are more than five, let’s say fifty emails. You should leave it to the Gmail. Remember, Gmail is the best email service because it offers the best features. This is the reason people prefer using Gmail over other email services. Gmail can send those emails to the trash folder without showing them in the Inbox. You have seen a lot of spam emails. It is not easy to identify the source, those spam emails are coming from. You can make Gmail identify the emails you are receiving as spam mail but we will not recommend that. Let the junk emails go to the spam folder. If there is only one sender then you can use the block option in Gmail.

 Blocking a Sender in Gmail

Below are the steps you need to follow to block a sender.

  • After logging into your Gmail account, go to the message from the sender you need to block.
  • There is a More menu button. Click the button. You can also use the conversation More button at the top.
  • Next, you will select Block “Name” from the menu.
  • Below ‘Block this Sender’ you will click Block.

Unblocking a Sender in Gmail

Do you want to unblock a sender you previously blocked? Yes, you can do that. When you unblock a sender, his or her messages will start appearing in your Gmail inbox.

This is how to do it.

  • Go to the message of the sender you want to unblock. Open the message.
  • There you will see ‘More’ button. Click the button.
  • From the menu that appears, you will select Unblock ‘Name’
  • Below ‘Unblock this sender’ you will click Unblock

What if you don’t have a message from the sender you want to unblock? Then do as instructed below.

  • In Gmail, click the Settings icon at the top right side. The settings icon looks like a gear.
  • From the menu, you will select Settings
  • Next, go to the Filters and Blocked Addresses category.
  • Below ‘The Following senders are blocked’ you will check the sender you want to unblock.
  • Now click ‘Unblock selected senders’
  • Below ‘Unblock selected senders’ you will click ‘Unblock’.

Using a Rule in Gmail to Block a Sender

You can also set up a filter to make Gmail send messages from a sender directly to the Trash. Below we will show you how.

  • In the search field, you will click the Show Search Options triangle.
  • Below ‘From’ you will enter the email address of the sender you want to block.

Do you know that you can also block an entire domain? For instance, you want to block ‘’ you will just type ‘’.

  • Next click ‘Create Filter with this Search’.
  • Below ‘When a message arrives that matches this search’ you must check ‘Delete It’.
  • Click ‘Create Filter’.

How to Add a New Address to Gmail Block List Rule

Adding a new sender to your block list is easy. You simply have to add the sender to an existing deletion filter. Use ‘|’ to separate them. Just go to Settings (gear icon) and then head over to the ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ tab.

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