How Do I Block Cell Phone Numbers

Block Cell Phone Numbers

What do you do to avoid receiving spam calls? Almost all the smartphones we use offers a facility to block a cell phone number. You can use the ‘block the number’ option on your phone. There is another option using which you can block your own caller ID. You may already know what it means when we say blocking our own calling ID. It means your caller ID will not show on the recipient’s device.

You will have to discover these features on your device because most of the operating systems don’t want them to be discovered. In addition, almost all the carriers now offer call blocking features and their charges may vary.

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As we said above that most of the smartphones offer a way to block a phone number. But the process of discovering and using this feature may vary depending on the type of smartphone you are using. There are different types of phones based on their operating systems such as iPhone, Android phone, and Windows Phone.

Stop Incoming Calls & Text Messages

Blocking a cell phone number is not a rocket science these days because all mobile operating systems offer this option.

iOS Phone

Go to the ‘Recents’ section in FaceTime or Messages to block a number. When a number is blocked from one side it is blocked from all three sides. You must be using iOS 7 or higher for this method to work.

  • You will see ‘i’ icon next to the phone number of conversation. Touch the icon
  • You will see Info screen. There is an option ‘Block this Caller’ at the end. Select the option.

Viewing and managing blocked numbers is also possible.

  • Go to Settings
  • Touch ‘Phone’
  • Touch ‘Call Blocking & Identification’.
  • Next, you will do one of the following two things:
  • You can view the details of a number by simply selecting it. There you can also add or unblock the number or contact.
  • You can add a contact to block. Scroll to the bottom and then choose Block Contact. It will open your contacts where you can select the contact you want to block.

You should know that you can filter your messages from people who are not in your contacts list. When you filter a message, there appears a new tab for Unknown Senders. It does not mean that you will not get the messages. You will receive messages but they will not be displayed and there will be no notification as well. Follow the given instruction to filter iMessages

  • Go to Settings
  • Touch Messages
  • There you will turn off ‘Filter Unknown Senders’

Android Phones

Most of the smartphones run Android operating system and then there are different versions of Android OS. This is why the procedure of blocking a number may vary depending upon the smartphone you are using and the Android version your smartphone is running. You may not see this feature in older versions of Android. There are also third-party apps which Android users can use to block a number.

Here is the way to check if your carrier supports phone blocking.

  • Launch your Phone app
  • Now select the number you want to block
  • Touch ‘Call Details’
  • Touch ‘Menu’ on the upper right side. You should see a menu item like ‘Reject call’ or ‘Block’ if your carrier supports blocking.

You might be able to send a call to voicemail if you there is no call block option.

  • Launch your Phone app.
  • Touch ‘Contacts’
  • Select a name
  • Edit the contact by touching the edit button.
  • Select Menu
  • Then select ‘All calls to voicemail’

Android users can get their favorite apps from the Google Play Store. You will be looking for a call blocking app. There you will find many call blocking apps such as Call Blocker Free. There are free apps as well as paid apps.

Windows Phone

The procedure of blocking the phone call on Windows Phone may vary depending on Windows version your phone is running. Currently, there are two Windows versions, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Following are the instructions for Windows 8.

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘call+SMS’ filter. You need to accept the terms and then click the ‘Block calls+SMS’ toggle to turn it on. This is how you activate the feature.
  • If you want to block the number, launch the ‘Phone App’ to see your call history. You can find the number you want to block in the call history. Locate the number you want to block, long-press the number to open a context menu and then select ‘block number.’

Instructions for Windows 10 are given below.

  • First launch the Phone or Messaging app, long-press the number you need to block and then from the context menu select ‘Block’.
  • Go to Settings → Extras → Block and Filter. There you can block calls that have no caller ID and you can also view your blocked calls and messages.

Blocking Your Own Number’s Caller ID

Do you want your outgoing call to display your caller ID? There is an option to permanently or temporarily block on a call-by-call basis. Remember, it does not work when you dial 911 and toll-free numbers.

Call-by-Call Block from Caller ID

For call-by-call block from caller ID, you need to dial *67 before the phone number. For instance, you will be dialing *67123456789. You must be wondering what will be displayed on the receiving end. Generally, it displays ‘Private number’ or “unknown”.

Permanent Block from Caller ID

  • You just need to call your cell phone carrier and ask for a line block. Once it is done, your phone number will no longer display on the receiving end. Remember, it is permanent you cannot undo it. The customer service representative may ask you to reconsider but the decision is yours. There are some carriers which support additional blocking features like blocking specific number or messages.
  • As we said above, once your number is blocked, you cannot undo it. But there is a way if you temporarily want your number to appear. You will need to dial *82 before the number. For instance, you will dial *82123456789.

Hiding Your Number on

Android Devices

Most of the smartphones run Android operating system. There are many smartphone companies that make Android phones. Some Android phones offer a caller ID blocking feature in the phone settings. You can find this feature through the Phone app or Settings app. If you are using an older version then you may find this feature in Additional Settings option in your Phone settings.


Go to the Phone Settings to find the call blocking feature.

  • Go to SettingsPhone
  • Touch ‘Show My Caller ID’
  • You can toggle the switch to show or hide your number.

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