Blocking a Number on BlackBerry Phone

Block a Number on Blackberry Phone

In this guide, we will show you how to block a phone number on Blackberry phone easily and quickly with step by step Blackberry learning tutorial. Blocking a number on iPhone and Android is much easier than Blackberry, however, in latest Blackberry version 10 OS, a number blocking app can be installed to block calls coming from a specific number.

Before going to start the process, please make sure you have the latest version OS 10.3 or later on your Blackberry. Having the latest released OS version allows the call blocking app to run in the background.

Check Your Blackberry OS Version.

To check your OS version, go to “Category” menu, select “OS”. You can easily update the latest available version by selecting the “Settings” and then Tap Software Updates.

As stated above, you can run call blocking app only on latest released Blackberry OS.  If you have old Blackberry models such as Bold, Curve, Pearl or Touch, then you cannot use call blocking apps. These model do not support latest Blackberry OS 10 or later. But if you have new Blackberry phones such as Z or Q lines, then you can easily block unwanted calls and messages from unknown numbers by blocking their numbers.

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Go to Blackberry World Store

Blackberry does not offer any built-in feature to block calls. For this purpose, you can download and install call blocking apps from the Blackberry World Store.

Blackberry World
Blackberry World

Install a Call Blocking App

Find and install a call blocking app. There are a few different apps available that can block calls. Some are free and some require payment. A few of the more popular call blocking apps include:

Download Call Block App
Download Call Block App

There are a lot of free and paid call blocking apps available in the Blackberry App World which you can use to block calls. For example, you can search apps such as Phone Warrior, BlockIt or Call Block using the Blackberry World Store search bar. Just download anyone out of them and install on your device.

Open Call Block App
Open Call Block App

How to Block a Number

Once the installation has completed, you need to configure the settings to block numbers. We will go with BlockIt call blocking app for this purpose.

Add Numbers to the Black List

Add unwanted numbers to the app’s blacklist. Please keep in mind, by default, the app will block all the numbers included in the black list. There is no limit, so you can add as many numbers as you want. To add a number, click the “+” button, then select the number from the list appearing after clicking the “+” button. You can choose a number from recent calls or by typing the number manually.

Add Numbers to Black List
Add Numbers to Black List

Call Blocking Options

By default, the incoming call will be disconnected automatically. But you can change the settings to send those calls directly to voicemail or set a reply with an automated text message.

Block 1800 or Specific Area Codes

You can also block calls coming from a specific area or 800 numbers. To do this, just click the ⋮ button and select “Wildcards block.” and then click the “+” button. Now enter desired wildcards such as “1800” to block all numbers.

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