Can We Block Contacts From Sending Messages or Calls on iPhone?

Block Contacts iPhone Messages Calls

Are you frustrated with unwanted calls or messages received from someone you don’t want to talk to? It can be a customer service agent who wants to sell products you are not interested in, or your crazy ex-boyfriend, or someone else. If you are iPhone user then you should know that your iPhone allows you choose who should and should not contact you. In this article, we will educate you how to block contacts from calling or sending messages on iPhone.

How to Add a Contact to the Blocked List

Following are the two ways you can stop someone from calling or sending messages.

  • We will show you how to block someone who has been saved in your phone’s Contacts. Go to Settings→ Phone→ Call Blocking and Identification→ Block Contact. You will see the All Contacts window. Just touch the name you want to block and you will ‘Blocked’ window where you will also see the name or contact you just blocked.
  • Above we talked about a number already saved in your Contacts list. But sometimes we want to block a number which is not saved in our Contacts. In that case, go to the Phone App → Recents and find the number you want to block. You will touch the blue colored “i” on the right side of the number. Go to the bottom of the contact card and select ‘Block this Caller’. You will see a message telling you that if you block the caller you stop receiving phone calls, messages or FaceTime from him. You just have to confirm your action by clicking ‘Block Contact’ option.

How to Unblock a Contact

What if you block a contact and then after sometime you want to unblock the contact. Apple allows you unblock contacts. So, just like you can add a contact to the blocked list, you can also remove the contact from the list. Following are the two ways to do so.

  • Go to Settings → Phone → Call Blocking and Identification and there you will see a list of blocked contacts and numbers. On the upper right side, there is an Edit button, touch it. Next, touch the red delete button on the left of the name and as a result a red colored unblock button will appear. You just have to select the button to unblock the contact. The moment you select the contact, it is moved to unblocked list.

You can also unblock contacts from Settings. Just select the Messages or Facetime and then follow the instructions given above

  • Launch your Phone app, go to the recents tab and locate the contact you want to unblock. There you will see a blue colored icon on the right side of the contact you want to unblock. Click the icon and select ‘Unblock this Caller’ from the list.

You can also unblock contacts through Messages. Simply, select the message thread with the contact and then touch the blue icon on the top right side. There you will select the information icon and then continue with the same instruction as in the Recents tab in Phone.

Do the Blocked Contacts Know that You Have Blocked Them?

People often ask that if the contacts they block know that you have blocked them. No, they don’t know that you have added them to the Blocked Contacts list. Do you know what happens when a blocked contact calls you? When the blocked contact calls he is sent to voicemail. Remember messages left in voicemail are stored in a folder named ‘Blocked Messages’ which can listen.

If you have blocked someone on iPhone and he sends you a message then he will not know that you cannot see this message because you have blocked him. Blocking someone does not mean that you can call or send messages to the blocked contact. You can send him text messages and call him unless he hasn’t added you to his blocked contacts list.

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