Blocked a Twitter User, Does He Know about it?

Know if you Blocked on Twitter

People give different reasons when they block someone on Twitter. When you block someone, it means that the blocked person cannot see your tweets and other activities on Twitter. Some people block others because they have a difference of opinion over something.

Twitter allows you follow, unfollow or block any user on Twitter. You can do so by going to their profile and clicking three vertical dots located next to Follow/Following button and then selecting [email protected] from the menu that appears. The person you block can no longer follow you. If a blocked person tries to follow you he will get a message from Twitter saying, “You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user”.

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Does the Person Know When They’ve Blocked by You

When you block a person on Twitter, he can’t view your activities unless you unblock him. Twitter sends you a notification when you get a new follower but it does not notify you when you are blocked by other Twitter users. For instance, you have blocked someone on Twitter and he does not know about it because Twitter has not notified him. But if the person you blocked visits your profile and there he finds the Twitter block message only then he will know that you have blocked him.

In other words, the blocked Twitter user will not know until he himself discovers it. It is also possible that the blocked user doesn’t notice your disappearance from his timeline so he may never discover that you have blocked him on Twitter. For instance, you are following another Twitter user and he is also following you. In other words, you are one of his followers and his one of your followers. So, when you block him Twitter removes you from his Followers and as well as removes him from your Followers.

Twitter also offers advanced blocking options using which you can keep track of everything. There is a way to share your list of blocked users with others as well as importing other’s list of blocked users.

Can We Stop Someone from Discovering that We Have Blocked Them?

People often ask if there is any way they can stop someone from discovering that they have blocked him or her. Well, there is no way you can do that. If that person tries to follow you again, he will get a message from Twitter that you have blocked him

But, Twitter, gives you the option to make your Twitter account private. Those who have a Twitter account which is private have an advantage. If you have a Twitter account which is private, then other Twitter users will first send a request which you will approve. They can only start following you after you have approved their request. If you approve their request only to block them later then you better don’t approve their follow request in the first place. So, this is what you can do.

Muting in Twitter

It is you to decide whether you should block a user or not. If you don’t want to hear anything from a Twitter user then you can block him. But if you think that you and that person have some disagreements over some issues but still it seems unfair to you to block him permanently then you can just mute them. Twitter gives you the option to mute them. It is also the best way to reduce their presence in your main feed and the best part is that you don’t have to unfollow or block them to achieve this.

The procedure of muting someone is very easy. Find the person, you want to mute in your main feed, click the downward arrow button and a menu will appear containing different options like [email protected], [email protected], Report tweet, I don’t like this tweets etc. You need to choose [email protected] You must be wondering how it works. When you mute someone on Twitter, it means you will no longer see his tweets in your main feed just like when you block someone. But, the muted person can follow you, see your tweets and can reply to your tweets. Again, he is muted so you will not see what he replied to your tweets.

Remember, the muted Twitter user can still send you direct messages. Social websites want to be open about sharing but it does not mean that they want you to share your personal information online with other users. You can do so at your own risk. So you need to be very careful on any social including Twitter. If you a reason to believe that a blocked user may also be considered a spammer then you better report the account to Twitter and leave the rest to them.

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