Change Clock To and From Military Time in Windows

Change Clock Military Time Windows

Do you know that you can change the time format on your Windows computer? Windows users are pretty familiar with the 12-hour format. But you should know that you can change the 12-hour format to military time. It is about your own preference. Some people prefer military time and there are others who go for the 12-hour format. Now let’s talk about the steps you need to perform in order to change the clock to military time.

Remember, these steps are different for the different versions of Windows. The process given below applies to Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10 PC. You simply have to follow the process in order to change your Clock to military format.

For Windows XP

Windows XP users will click the Start button and select Control Panel from Start Menu. You will be seeing Control Panel window on your computer screen. For convenience, you can click on Switch to Classic View and there you will open “Regional and Language Options”.

A dialog box will open. Make sure that you are on Regional Options tab. Click “Customize” button in Standards and Formats section.

Next, you will click on the Time tab. There you will click Time Format drop-down arrow and you will see four options. The first two options start with lower case ‘h’ and the last two options start with uppercase ‘H’. You can select any of the last two options. Remember uppers case ‘H’ means military time format or 24-hour format.

Finally, Click ‘Ok’ to apply the changes you have just made. You will find yourself on the Control Panel window.

For Windows 7, 8 or 10 Time Format

There are two methods you can use to change the clock to military time. Both the methods are discussed below one by one.

Method 1

From Start menu, go to Control Panel. Next, you will click on Region and Language. The user of Windows 8 or 10 will see “Region”.  For convenience, you can switch to small or large icons from ‘category view’ at the top right.

You will see Region and Language dialog box opened on your computer screen. You should be on Formats tab.

There you will see Short Time and Long Time options. You can easily change the time format by just clicking on the time drop-down arrow button. When you change Long Time format the change will be reflected in the taskbar.

Method 2

Simply click on the date and time in the taskbar and then click Change Date and Time Settings. You should be seeing a dialog box. Click the “Change date and time” button located at the top of the dialog box.

Now you should see a new dialog box. In this dialog box, you can adjust the date and time yourself. You will click on the Change Calendar Settings link.

You should see Customize Format dialog box. Make sure that Time tab is clicked. (You must be thinking that you better have used Control Panel to get to this dialog box).

There you can make the desired change the 12-hour time format to 24-hour time format or military format. Change the Short Time and Long Time and keep one thing in mind that uppercase H means 24-hour format or military format.

This is how you can change the clock to and from military time in various versions of Windows.

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