Removing Continue Watching Items on Netflix

Remove Continue Watching Netflix

Netflix is the best platform where you can find your favorite television shows and movies. Just a decade ago Netflix was just known as an online CD delivery service. But now things have changed a lot. Netflix, now, is the first name that comes to mind when we think about top original content producers of the world.

You will be surprised to know that Netflix will spend billions of dollars on original content. Have you used Netflix? If you haven’t, you should, you will love its user interface. Netflix website and mobile apps are very easy to use. There are many features of Netflix you will love. For instance, you are watching a movie and then something happens and you cannot finish it. Next time when you are on Netflix, you will see your movie in the Continue Watching Items. You can resume watching your movie right from where you left off.

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People who watch content on Netflix say that sometimes they have finished the content but it still appears in the Continue Watching section. Sometimes we start watching something but we don’t finish it because we don’t like it. But Netflix includes it in the Continue Watching Items section. You have no plans to finish what you started but Netflix does not know that. You may want to remove those items in Continue Watching section because you don’t anyone to know what you were watching. So, there can be several reasons why you don’t want Netflix to show Continue Watching items. You will have to login to your account first to learn how to remove Continue Watching items on Netflix.

How to Do It?

There is a way to remove items from its Continue Watching list. Below, we have shown how you can remove items from Continue Watching.

  • Make sure that you are logged into your Netflix account. Now you have Netflix opened on your computer screen and you can see Continue Watching items on your screen.
  • There is drop-down menu button at the top right side of the page. Click it and then click on ‘Account’ button which will open the account settings page.
  • There you will find the My Profile section. Click on the ‘Viewing activity’ button.
  • You will see your watching history. There is an ‘X’ button on every item clicking which you can remove it. This is how you can remove any item you don’t want.
  • If there is a series you want to remove, you just have to click on the X button next to its episode. It will remove that particular episode. Netflix also asks if you want to remove the whole series.
  • There you can click ‘Remove Series’ button to remove the whole series. It will save your time because otherwise, you will have to delete items one by one.
  • You can go and check your Continue Watching items to see if it reflects the changes you have just made.

For Netflix App

Above, we started the procedure of removing Continue Watching items in Netflix website. Netflix also has an app which you can use on your Apple and Android devices. You can also remove Continue Watching items in the app. You can repeat the same procedure given above as it will also work for Netflix app. If the app does not reflect the changes you made, just refresh the page. In fact removing Continue Watching items on Netflix app is easier than from the website.

Netflix has become a popular platform of its kind. You can watch your favorite movies and shows on Netflix. Unlike others, Netflix keeps track of what you have been watching and allows you resume from where you left off.

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