How to Contact Support Team Support is a widely used email program. Microsoft keeps improving the features of so that you get the best user experience. If there is anything in you need help with then you can contact support.

You should know that is the best email service you can find. It is very rare that users face any kind of problem when using but if they do help is available. Sometimes we are unable to do simple things we have been doing for years in For instance, you log into and you cannot view your messages or there is some kind of error keeping you from using the email service as you should.

As stated above help is available but you should know how to get it. You can contact Microsoft employees or a support professional. There are also public forums where people go and ask their questions. It is possible that someone has already answered your question. Read also: How to Access Windows Live Hotmail in Outlook Express

Contacting the Outlook Email Support

Read the following instructions to learn how to contact support.

  • Firstly, launch, SkyDrive page forum on the Microsoft Community.
  • You will have to Sign into Microsoft Community.
  • Not logged into your account? Then enter your login credentials below Microsoft account. You will login using your Outlook email address and password and then click Sign In button.
  • Select Search the Community for the search field at the top right.
  • In the search field, you will enter the summary of your problem.
  • Then click ‘Click to find answers’
  • There you can see questions people have already asked. Check if your question has been asked before by someone else.
  • You can create your own question by clicking ‘Create’ below ‘Create Your Own Question or Discussion’
  • Below Title, you will enter the headline for your support request.
  • Your title should reflect the problem you are having
  • You can also select the title from suggestions.
  • Under ‘Details’ you will enter your question and ask for help.
  • Here you will say what you want to say. Try including all the details of the problem you are facing.
  • Below ‘Category’ you will select Microsoft Account or or SkyDrive.
  • You will select ‘’ below ‘Product’.
  • Next, you will select the category below Topic
  • Be sure that ‘Post a Question’ is selected.
  • Next, you will check ‘Notify me when someone responds to this post’
  • Finally, click ‘Submit’.

Thing to Know on Microsoft Community

Users like you ask questions and these questions are answered by experienced users and Microsoft employees. Following are the labels you will find the username in a post.

Microsoft: A Microsoft employee

MVP: Stands for ‘Most Valuable Professional’

Support Engineers: A support professional but may or may not be a Microsoft employee

Forum Moderator: Maintains the forum but not Microsoft employee.

Community Star: A user who offers the best help to people like you.

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