How to Contact Uber Customer Service

Uber Customer Service

Uber originally started operating as UberCab back in 2009 but later changed its name to simply Uber. Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp are the founders of Uber. Cost sharing is the basic idea. It was Garrett Camp who came up with that idea. Kalanick, on a number of occasions, gave Camp the credit for the idea. Call 800-353-8237

Now Uber is being used worldwide. People often ask about the Uber customer service. They find it difficult to contact Uber customer service. There are many occasions when a person needs to talk to a customer service representative but he simply can’t because he doesn’t know how to. So, in this article, we are going to tell you how you can contact Uber customer service. Read this to find Uber emergency number.

Ride sharing services like Uber has been criticized for their below the average customer service. But Uber has tried to change things a little bit. You can contact Uber using your smartphone. If you have asked Uber a question, you will get the answer within a few hours.

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Uber Contact Number

We will give you an Uber contact number using which you can reach Uber customer service very easily. But keep one thing in mind that the Uber contact number given below is only available in twenty-two cities of the United States. At this point, we can only hope that Uber will extend the service to other countries and cities. The number you need to dial is

Uber Phone Number is 800-353-UBER or 800-353-8237

The contact number given above was first reported in Quartz. If you call the Uber contact number given above, your call will be routed to one of two call centers. Currently, there are two call centers located in Phoenix and Chicago.

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Other Ways to Contact Uber

Following are the ways to contact Uber

  • Those who have an Uber account can contact Uber by filling out the form at
  • You can reach Uber through Facebook or Twitter. Post your message via Twitter @Uber_support. You can use the Facebook Messenger app to order a ride. If you want to ask anything, send Uber a private message.
  • In some countries like India Uber has a panic button. You can press the panic button to report a bad ride.

5 Ways to Contact Uber for Help Drive Uber. Step by Step Guide. Learn how to contact Uber with questions or concerns. At Uber, we’re customer obsessed. Check out the customer service options available to Uber. Share your views about this learning guide.

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