11 Cool Free iPhone Ringtones Apps

iPhone Ringtones Apps

So, you are here to know about the best free iPhone ringtone apps. Well, there are plenty of amazing apps which you can use to create unique and melodious music for your phone. You can use these apps to create hip hop ringtones of your choice. But remember there is nothing free in the world. The apps we are going to talk about are free but they contain ads. In this article, we will show you how to download or create ringtones for iPhone easily and quickly with the help of these apps.

One more thing, all the apps are free but you will have to download songs from iTunes library if you want to use them to create ringtones. Below we will talk about the nine cool iPhone ringtones apps.

Best iPhone Apps to Create Ringtones

Learn how to create ringtones from your iTunes library using these free iPhone apps.

Ringtone Converter

Ringtone ConverterCreating free tones is not a problem anymore if you have Ringtone Converter app. Just get ringtone converter from iTunes and start creating unlimited free tones from your music library. You will love the app because it is easy to use and allows you create ringtones up to 30 seconds long. The interface of the app may not be impressive but Ringtone Converter is the best choice.

Ringtone Designer

Ringtone DesignerNext app on our list is Ringtone Designer. The app allows you create ringtones and alerts using songs in your iPhone music library. When you use the app, you will realize that it is very easy to use. For instance, if you want to create a ringtone then you will simply choose a song from your music library and select the section you want to use. Now customized ringtones are possible with Ringtone Designer. You can assign a unique ringtone to that special friend of yours. Download Ringtone Designer for iPhone

Create Ringtones

Create RingtonesThe very first iPhone ringtone app we are going to talk about is Create Ringtones. The app, Create Ringtone, allows you create a unique recording using the microphone of your iPhone. Using Create Ringtone you can also email your ringtones to your friends. If the ringtone you created using the app is under 40 seconds then it is free but exceeding this limit will cost you $1. Download Create Ringtones for iPhone

Ringtones 500000+

Ringtones 500000You can guess from the name of the app that it has more than half a million ring and alert tones to offer you. Yes, you heard it right, over half a million ringtones. There are different categories like Pop, funny, animals where you can find ringtones. Ringtones 500000 not only lets you create ringtones but also offers its own ringtones from which you can choose. You will be using the app’s custom ringtone editor to create your own ringtones. The app contains ads. The ad-free version of the app will cost you $1. Download Ringtones 500000+ for iPhone

Ringtone DJ

Ringtone DJMany people want to know what it feels like being a DJ. Do you think the same way? Do you want to do the same things a DJ does? There is a way to fulfill your dream. When you will look at the Ringtone DJ interface, you will know what we are talking about. You may have some difficulties using the interface initially but you will get used to it. You can also add effects to the ringtones you create.

Ringtones Free

Ringtones FreeIf you are thinking that Ringtones Free will be just another app in our list then we must tell you that you are wrong. Yes, it has borrowed features from other apps we discussed above but it also has its own features. It has a recorder to record sound to be used in ringtone creation. In additions, Ringtones Free allows you share the created ringtones on social networking platforms. Now you can share your customized ringtones with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. You can also use app’s effects.

Ringtones for iPhones

Ringtones for iPhone

Last but not the least is Ringtones for iPhones. The app comes with a built-in editor using which you can select a specific part of a song from your iPhone music library to use it as for ringtone creation. The app has a recorder which you can use to record new sounds if you don’t want to use the built-in editor. Ringtones for iPhones come with a variety of pre-installed ringtones, in case you don’t want to create your own.

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone MakerPeople often ask about the best app for creating ringtones from your existing music library. Well, Ringtone Maker does exactly what you want to achieve. Before you use Ringtone Maker, make sure that you are using iPhone iOS4 or later.

Download Ringtone Maker for iPhone

Ringtone Maker Free

Ringtone Maker FreeThere are many apps that claim to be the best app when it comes to creating ringtones using songs from your iPhone’s music library. But the problem is most of them, don’t deliver what they promise. So we are telling you about a new app named Ringtone Maker Free which you can use without any hesitation. Now you can use any part of any song to be used as ringtone, text tone or alert tone. There are no in-app purchases. It is a hundred percent free app.

Above we talked about the nine best free iPhone ringtones apps. Now creating customized ringtones, text tones and alert tones are just a piece of cake. So what you are waiting for. Go ahead, select an app and start using your favorite songs to create ringtones for iPhone without any hesitation.

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