Cool Minecraft Secrets and Tips

Minecraft Secrets and Tips

Love playing with Legos? If yes then you will surely love playing Minecraft too. Mojang developed and released Minecraft in 2011. Those who have been playing Lego can imagine what kind of game Minecraft is. Once you have started playing Minecraft you will be addicted to it no time. Perhaps, this is the reason the game is ranked among one of the most downloaded games of the world. The game has different modes such as survival mode, creative mode, and adventure mode.

Microsoft bought Minecraft for $2.5 billion in 2014. We, in this article, will show you some amazing secrets and tips you are unaware of. Once you know those secrets and cool tips you will love the game even more. Minecraft is for you if you love games that involve some kind of strategy. In Minecraft, strategies may vary depending on the kind of situation you are in. Some people prefer using words like a style of play or way of play instead of strategy. What you want to use, we leave it to you. Below, we have discussed some really useful strategies and tips. Enjoy reading.

Diamond Mining Strategy

There is one stage in the game when your future progress depends on finding diamonds. So you can understand the importance of formulating the diamond mining strategy in Minecraft. You need to plan things instead of just jumping on anything blue. You may find our strategy different than yours. Branch mining, according to us, is the best diamond mining strategy. If you use this strategy, you will surely get some diamonds. The best thing about this strategy is that it is recommended for beginners and experts.

You will be digging your main tunnel to implement the diamond mining strategy. We suggest the floor of the tunnel to be at bedrock and the top of the tunnel to be at Level 15. Make the corridor 2 × 1 and then you can start to branch off and also create smaller corridors that will lead you to the main corridor. You better create doors to contain any infestations. You will get the diamond as well as red stone and gold.

Hidden Compass

Have you used the hidden compass of Minecraft? Many of you must be wondering what this hidden compass is. They don’t even know that there is a hidden compass in the game. What compass is used for? You need a compass to get back home safely.

Make a Bow and Arrow

You use swords in many situations to protect yourself. But there comes a time when you start thinking about using long-range weapons like bow and arrows. Unlike swords, bow and arrows are not easy to get. The thread is used to make a bowstring and now the question is where you will find the thread. You will kill spiders to get the thread you need to make a bow. You will need a straight stick to make an arrow. Sometimes you can just steel bow and arrow from the skeletons you find.

Breath in Water

You have no problem breathing in the air but it is not possible to breathe when you swim deep. When you are deep in the water there is no air to breathe. There is something you can do about it. Use torch when under water as it will create a pocket of air. You must be wondering how a torch can create a pocket of air but this is how it is in Minecraft. It is needless to say that this trick will not work in real life.

Some Useful Tips

Now we will give you some useful Minecraft tips.

  • Use saplings, flowers, and torches to break sand and gravel.
  • Need to get rid of trash? You can throw your trash in cactus.
  • If you have some option but you need more, throw the potion into the sky and when it lands on your body you will know why we recommend it.
  • You can use the lily pad to jump across oceans.
  • Don’t be afraid, when facing Endermen. You can eliminate them by hitting their feet.
  • You can hide when you are on a ladder.

Use snowballs when facing a monster.

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