How to Create a Password in Windows 7, 8, 10 & XP

Create Windows Password

Windows allows you create a password and once you have created a password then only people who know the password will be able to sign in. If your system is not password protected then it is easy for anyone to get into your personal stuff as well as access your emails, files etc. A password can help you protect your data. A majority of the Windows users don’t create a Windows password which is highly recommended.

You better create your Windows password now instead of creating it when the damage has already done and it is too late to react. Windows Control Panel app will be used to create the password and then you will use the password each time you want to login. There are different versions of Windows people use and the process of creating Windows password is different for different versions. So, first of all, you need to determine which version of Windows you are using. Below we have shown the detailed process for each version of Windows following which you can create a password in Windows.

Creating a Password in Windows 8 or Windows 10

Read the following to create a password in Windows 8 or Windows 10.

  • Click Windows icon (start button) and go to Windows apps section. Scroll down to ‘W’, click Windows System folder and then choose Control Panel.
  • Now Control Panel is opened and you what you see in Control Panel depends on how you choose to view icons. There is an option to view by category, small icons, and large icons. Choose any one option. You will be looking for User Accounts.
  • Open User Accounts.
  • Now User Accounts category is opened. There you will choose “Make changes to my account in PC settings” and it will open “Settings” window
  • Locate and click “Sign-in Options” below Accounts on the left side.
  • Below Password, you will click ‘Add’ button.
  • You will see three text fields named ‘New password’, ‘Reenter password’ and ‘Password hint’. Enter your new password in the first field and then confirm it and finally enter a password hint.
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish
  • Now you are done, so close the Settings window.

Creating a Password in Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Read the following instructions to learn how to create a password in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

  • To open Control Panel, click Start button and then select Control Panel from the menu.
  • Windows 7 users will click on ‘User Accounts and Family Safety’ and Windows Vista users will click on User Accounts.

Windows 7 users may not find ‘User Accounts and Family Safety’ depending on how they choose to view Control Panel icons. In that case, they will select ‘User Accounts’

  • Click “User Accounts”
  • There you will see “Make changes to your user account” section below which you will click the “Create a password for your account” link.
  • You will type your new password in the first text field and then confirm the new password by re-entering it in the second text field. In the third text field, you will enter your password hint.
  • Finally, click Create Password button.
  • Exit the User Accounts window.

Creating a Password in Windows XP

  • Open Control Panel. Go to Start → Control Panel
  • Click on the User Accounts link/icon
  • Now you are viewing User Accounts window. You will click ‘Windows XP username’ in the ‘Pick an Account to Change’ section of the User Accounts.
  • Select the ‘Create a password’ link.
  • Enter your new password in the first and second text box. This is the password you will be prompted to enter each time you log in to windows.
  • Now click ‘Create Password’ to confirm the password you just entered.
  • Next, you will be asked, “Do you want to make your files and folders private?” Click Yes or No button.
  • Now you are done so close all the windows you opened to create a password in Windows XP.

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