What is Netgear Default Password?

Netgear Router

Netgear Default Password. Netgear manufactures a number of network equipment such as a router, DSL modems, cable modems, Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi Adapters, switches, hubs, gateways, Access points, storage, and security IP cameras. Most of the people know Netgear because of its routers and modems. Netgear routers and modems are commonly used in homes and offices.

Netgear manufactures smart routers and you can manage these smart routers using a Web-based interface. You must login first to be able to administer the device. Users use their login credentials i.e. username and password to login. Default Usernames and passwords are set at the factory where routers are manufactured. People who buy routers can change the default username and passwords. But it does not mean that once the default login information is changed you don’t need to remember the default login information anymore.

You always need to know your Netgear router’s default username and password. Imagine what if you need to factory reset your Netgear router. When the device is reset to factory settings it means all the information and settings are erased and you have to start everything from zero. So, there might be some time when you are required to reset your device for some reasons and then you will use default Netgear username and password to administer the device.

Netgear Default Username and Password

The default username and password of Netgear routers are given below

  • Default Username admin
  • Default Password (for current models) password
  • Default Password (for old models) 1234

As stated above Netgear manufactures many devices besides routers. Following are the default username and passwords for NetGear Switches.

Netgear Switches

The default username and password of Netgear switches are given below

  • Default Username admin
  • Default Password (for current models) Leave the password field empty

Should You Change Default Password?

Many people ask this question and the answer is “Yes”. Once you are logged in using default username and password then you must change the default password. Almost all the router manufacturers including NetGear has provided default username and password online. In other words, it means to say that if you can find the default password of your NetGear router online then anybody can find this information. It is your Netgear router password protects your network and you are protected as long as you are using a unique password which is difficult for others to guess.

So, you are strongly recommended to change your Netgear default password if you want to make sure that you are safe. Ask any Internet and networks security expert and you will get the same advice.

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