How to Delete Your LinkedIn Account

Close Linkedin Account

You can delete your LinkedIn account anytime. The procedure of deleting your account is not difficult. And once your account is deleted no one will be able to access your profile. Those who have a premium account have the option to cancel Premium Access. In this way, they can keep their free basic account. Basic account is enough to use your profile, access your connections and other information.

To Delete Linkedin Account

Just follow these simple steps to close your Linkedin account

  • Access the Privacy and Settings page and login to your account.
  • Your profile picture is at the upper right side of the page. Hover your cursor on the picture.
  • Click on “Privacy & Settings”
  • There is an “Account” tab. Click it.
  • Click on “Close your account” link.
  • Those who are already logged in just need to click on the account termination link

Think twice before you delete your account because when it is deleted you will not be able to access your connections and personal information. So first think and then decide what you want to do. Don’t forget to revoke access from third party sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google etc.

Closing Your LinkedIn Account LinkedIn Help Step by Step – Closing your account means permanently deleting your profile and removing access to all your LinkedIn information from our site. Please visit the official website for more information. Share your views about this guide in the comments box.

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