How to Dial an Extension Number

Dial Phone Number Extension

Phone number extensions are commonly used in large-sized businesses because it is not possible for everyone to have his own phone number. Extensions make things a lot easier in the company. There are a number of advantages of the exchange system. For instance, through extension, an employee can directly access any department or by simply dialing a simple number code. If you call from outside the company, you should know the extension or number code of the person you want to talk to.

To Dial Phone Extension, Follow Simple Steps

If someone is an employee in a company and he wants to talk to another employee in another department, you must know his extension. For example, if his extension is 212, you will simply dial 212 on your phone.

  1. If someone is not an employee of the company and he needs to talk to someone inside the company, he will dial the main phone number of the company. He will ask the telephone operator to be connected to 212 (or whatever the extension is).
  2. In order to dial a phone number, utilize an automated menu system. Automated menus are commonly being used these days to answer phones. Dial the extension, when prompting from the recording.
  3. You may be asked to press any extra key such as # or some other key before or after the extension number.
  4. If you are using Skype, you need to dial a phone number extension. Once you have dialed the main phone number, use the dial pad icon on the screen to input numbers. You can also use the pad to enter the extension.

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