Disabling Facebook Messenger Chat Heads on Android

Disable Facebook Chat Heads

We enable “Chat Heads” on Android because it makes reading and sending Facebook chat messages easy. If you have enabled “Chat Heads” on your Android and you are watching a YouTube video, you don’t have to switch to Facebook Messenger to read or send a message. You can do it right from your YouTube screen. It is identified by a small floating circle having the profile picture of the person you received the message from.

As it is already stated that chat heads let you send messages and you can do so without switching screen. But there may be different reasons causing a person to disable Facebook Messenger chat heads.

  • You in the middle of something and don’t want to be distracted by chat head pop-up.
  • If you share your phone with your friends or family members then chat head can put your privacy at risk.
  • You think Android notification eliminates the need for enabling for chat heads.

Simple Steps to disable Facebook Messenger Chat Heads on Android.

  • First of all open Facebook Messenger app. Touch the gear icon to go to the settings. Locate the “Chat Heads” section and Touch it.
  • Now turn the button to off to disable Facebook Messenger Chat Heads on Android.

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