27 Places to Read and Download Free Books

Download Free Books

There is nothing free in this world. However, you can find hundred thousand places on the internet where you can download digital stuff for free. For example, you can download tons of free stuff such as photos, graphics, clip art, songs, videos, and books.

In this article, we will show you the list of 27  best websites to download free books without spending a penny. You can choose your favorite ebooks from a vast variety of books easily and quickly without any hesitation.

Here’s the Top Websites to Download Free Books Online.

Top Questions: Where can I read books online for free? How can I get an eBook for free?

You can not only read free books online but also can download to your Smartphone, e-reader, tablet and notebook computer. Have a look at the best places where you can download your favorite books.

1. ReadPrint.com


With a huge collection of free books, ReadPrint is a place where you can find almost all genre of literature such as art & photography, comics & graphic novels, romance, science, and sports etc. No doubt, it is the largest free online books library in the world with thousands of nice books. Joining the site is simple and free. If you have an account, then ReadPrint will give you a virtual library card, so you can read unlimited books for free.

The site interface is simple and straight. Top navigation includes important links. You can use ReadPrint search to find your favorite books. A category section is also included on the homepage. So you can browse different categories right from the home page.

Ways to find Free Books on ReadPrint.com

  • Use a specific keyword such as book title and author
  • Search with category type. For example science, fiction, drama, romance etc.
  • Choose from the “Top Books” organized by the community with a rating system.
  • Search books form a specific country or language
  • View the author index section listed alphabetically
  • See the Top authors on ReadPrint

Reading ebooks on ReadPrint is also very simple. Once you’ve selected a book, click “Read Online” button to open its PDF version in the browser. You can enlarge the text using the zoom in and zoom out buttons in the PDF reader. Registered readers can not only read free books but also can write reviews and add books to their favorites to read later.

ReadPrint offers a variety of useful tools which you can use while reading the books. For example, you can search a specific part, content or chapter using the search integrated with each book. The site also allows users to download their favorite books for the mobile e-reader

2. ManyBooks.net


ManyBooks is ranked at second number in the list. It is, no doubt, an amazing place to find thousands of free books in a variety of formats. If you are looking to fill your personal library with a variedly of interesting books, then explore ManyBooks. The site offers great literature for serious readers.

Finding the books on ManyBooks.com

Manybooks offers a variety of searching options which you can use to find books online. You can search books by author, genre, release date, language, country, top books, most popular, old books, novels, kids etc.

Advanced Search

Advanced search allows users to use a deep crawling method to dig out content. It can find a specific page with the specific piece of content. ManyBooks RSS feed can help you to find an updated list of new books available for readers.

Is ManyBooks a Good Place for Free Books?

yes, we can say that ManyBooks is a good place for free books. With more than 27000 titles, it is one of the most credible platforms to read or download books on the internet. So don’t hesitate to explore the free books library.

3. Wikibooks.org


A superb collection of textbooks, Wikibooks is another place where you can enjoy the best reading experience. It has tons of free books ranging from sports to history to romance. The site home page is very simple putting most important information to navigate the site. Trending categories are also accommodated on the right top side. To new all categories, click “All Subjects”. The body section is divided into three important sections such as “More Featured Books”, “More Featured Children’s Books”, and More featured recipes. So feel free to browse Wikibooks to read or download for your personal collection.

4. The Literature Network


Find the A to Z authors list right from the home page of “The Literature Network. If you want to read various books from a specific writer, then explore this site. There is a variety of books available for free and some exclusive books are available for sale and you can buy as per your demand.

Top navigation includes popular links such as Authors, Shakespeare, Religious, Reference, Quotes, Forums, and log in. To sign up or log in, click login link located at the top right in the navigation.

5. Free Computer Books


If you are a commuter student, or a professional computer or software engineer, then Free Computer Books website is for you. You can find a variety of programming language book for free.

6. Librivox


Listening favorite books can be interesting instead of reading. Librivox is a place where the user can find audiobooks for free. You can listen to high-quality books created by some credible voice recorders. Website homepage featured recently released books along with author name, original release date, and genre. There are four different ways to search audio books such as, by author name, by category,  genre, language or book title. So feel free to listen to your favorite books online or download for your Android phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod and other supported devices.

7. Authorama.com

Authorama - Public Domain Books
Authorama – Public Domain Books

Books written in HTML or XHTML can be accessed anywhere on any device. Authorama is one of its kind site offers a nice selection of books written in easily readable format. It offers completely free books from a variedly of authors around the world. You can not only read books online but can also save for your offline e-reader. The site is very simple and contemporary featuring selected books organized alphabetically.

Most of the books are in English language but they have some German language books for those who are interested reading German literature. You can not only read but also print or download for your smart devices.

8. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg https://www.gutenberg.org/

With more than fifty thousand titles, Project Gutenberg is one of the largest collection of free books on the internet. It is the oldest digital library offers the full length of public domain books. You can read, download and print books without any hesitation because all the stuff is free and legal. Project Gutenberg digitalizes books in different formats, so you can read books on different devices. Popular formats includes HTML, PDF, EPUB, MOBI.

Searching a book on Project Gutenberg is simple. There are three different options to find your favorite books such as popular, latest and random. If you know the title or author, then use the site search to find the required book. Most released are in English but there are a lot of books in different languages including French, German, Finnish, Dutch, and Italian.

9. Scribd

Scribd Read books, audiobooks, and more

Most of the internet users are already familiar with Scribd. It is a digital library of millions of documents, e-books, audiobooks, and magazines. A subscription is required in order to access full-length books and other stuff. Scribd offers a read subscription to access 3 books and one audiobook along with unlimited access to other stuff for $8.99/month.

The interface of the website is very simple and user-friendly. The homepage features list of new books and icons to browse news & magazine, audiobooks, ebooks, and documents. There is a sign in button located at the top right of the homepage. There are three different ways to sign in to Scribd including Facebook, Twitter or through email address.

10. World Public Library

World Public Library
World Public Library

A subscription-based digital library, World Public Library (WPL) is one of the largest online places in the world containing millions of books, audiobooks and other digital material such as newspapers, magazines, and documents. Its millennium collection includes thousands of books by the greatest writers from all over the world. If you are looking for books other than English language, then WPL is a great place to find books in different languages covering almost every field of studies such as science, technology, animals, photography, geography, and history etc.

WPL account is required in order to access the library. The registration will give you a eLibrary card so you can access all sections including World eBook Library, school ebook library, world heritage encyclopedia, and world Journals.

11. Questia Public Library

Questia Public Library
Questia Public Library

Questia is a nice place for researchers. The library offers a world-class collection of ebooks written by great writers from all over the world. If you are a scholar and looking for a place to find rare books, then Questia Public Library is for you. More than 6700 books, thousands of journals, and magazines are available for download here.

12. Bibliomania

Bibliomania http://www.bibliomania.com/

Bibliomania is a place for readers from which they can read more than 2500 original books. If you are looking for classic literature, fictions, romance, drama or poetry, then don’t waste your time and open immediately Bibliomania on tablet or Smartphone.

13. The Open Library

The Open Library
The Open Library https://openlibrary.org/

Just like hundreds of similar shops in a market, The Open Library is another online library of good books. I recommended you to explore this site because of its classical collection available in popular formats including PDF, ASCII, and ePub etc. The site is nice. You can browse top categories including art, sci-fi, fantasy, biographies, recipes, romance, and so many other genres by clicking the icon on the top of the body section. Six popular and recent books are also showcased on the home page from each category.

14. SlideShare

Share and Discover Knowledge on LinkedIn SlideShare

SlideShare is a content sharing network where people share presentations, infographics, and other digital stuff. It is, no doubt, the world largest platform for researchers to share and discover ideas for their projects. You can not only upload your PDF documents but also can read different types of material like books, magazines, articles, and journals. A sign up is required in order to register your account. The registration will give you permission to download all the available stuff.

More Free Resources

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  • BookRix: Discover free books by indie authors. Novels, Thriller, Poems, and much more.
  • WorldeBookFair: Offers a free trial for a limited time, access millions of free books.
  • WorldLibrary: Collection of more than 290,000+ full-length PDF eBooks by the great authors.
  • FreeTechBooks: Featuring technology related ebooks.
  • FullBooks.com: Thousands of free full-length books.
  • Bartleby eBooks: The Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction, all available for free download.

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