How to Download Garageband For PC, Windows & Mac

Garageband for PC, Windows and Mac

Garageband for Windows PC. Art is at its best when it is in the form of music. We can simply define art as an expression of one’s self. Artists use music to tell the world how they feel about different things happening around them. Just look at the amazing paintings and sculptures and you will have the idea what point we are trying to make here. You will agree that music dominates the popular culture.

There are many people around us who want to create music. You will be happy to know that now we have the perfect tools that you can use to create music of your own choice. If you are looking for a perfect music making the app then you need Garageband. You can use Garageband on your PC or Mac. So what you are waiting for. Get Garageband now and create your own music. In this article, we will show you the process of downloading and installing Garageband. The name of Garageband comes to mind when we think of popular music editing software.


Many of you must remember the top grunge bands of the 90s and how they revolutionized the music industry. Now Apple’s Garageband allows you to create music right from your computer. If you love creating music then you must give Garageband a try. You can also use Garageband to learn to play other musical instruments like piano and drums right from your computer.

Other preset instruments that come with Garageband are guitar, piano, drums and more. We can say that Apple has offered us an amazing platform to create music. All we need to do is hook up your guitar or a mic to your iPad or computer. Garageband will start recording whatever you play. You can also combine physical instruments with pre-installed instruments on Garageband.

Once you have finished recording, mix the song and distribute it. There are many formats you can export the song to or you can just put your creation on iCloud. You should know that whatever you create using Garageband can be accessed on your iPod or iPhone.

Garageband for PC

We know about the battle going on between Apple and Microsoft for the past many years. Both the companies are known for humble beginnings but now have become a global name in the personal computing industry. Windows reached the masses and Apple, on the other hand, positioned itself in a niche market. But now things have changed as Apple has become very popular among the people.

Apple and Microsoft are also different with respect to their approach to their personal computers. For instance, Apple monitors everything coming to their OS X in order to make sure smooth performance. Windows, on the other hand, does not think that way. This is the reason there are many software you can run on Windows PC. You can also run Garageband on Windows PC.

If you have ever used Apple products then you must have used iTunes. Users of Apple products like iPhone and iPod frequently use iTunes. The good news is that you can also run iTunes on your PC. Most of the programs developed by Apple are limited to Apple products like Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad etc. But there is one program or app named iTunes which you can also use on your PC. Yes, you heard it right that you can use it on a Microsoft product.

As stated above Garageband was developed by Apple and only users of Apple products were supposed to use this app. So, Apple never launched the PC version of the app. Many of you must be thinking about getting the app from iTunes which is only possible if you are willing to pay for it. If you don’t want to get your favorite music app Garageband from iTunes then keep reading the article to learn about some other ways to get the job done.

Remote Connect to Garageband

Most of the apps developed by Apple only run on Apple and Garageband is also one of those apps. Mac users can use the app without facing any problems. Those who have Windows PC don’t need to worry about anything as we will show them a way to get Garageband on their PC. One of the commonly used ways is using a remote connection from your PC computer to another Mac. Those who don’t have a Mac will need to arrange a Mac. You can also borrow a Mac from one of your friends.

Google Chrome users can easily setup a remote connection thanks to the Chrome Remote Desktop feature. Using this feature you can connect to another computer if you have permission to both computers and that you know passwords. Read the instructions given below carefully to connect your PC to Mac running Garageboard.

  • You will be using a PC and a Mac. Both PC and Mac must be running Google Chrome.
  • Next, you will install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on Chrome apps running on your PC and Mac.
  • Go to Mac, launch Chrome and open a new tab. Chrome Remote Desktop will open on your screen. You need to make sure that you authorize it. Next, you will go through all of the permissions and access rights.
  • Next, you will be prompted to share the computer. Simply click the respective button to share and then note down the access rights and choose yes.
  • Go to your PC, launch Chrome and then open the Remote Desktop extension and give it access and permissions to run.
  • You will be asked to type in the access code you wrote down in the step number four and press the Connect button.

If things go as planned, you should be remotely connected to Garageband because you can control the Mac. You can also use other devices Apple devices like iMac, Mac Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro etc. Now you know that this method requires you to use a Mac. If you don’t have a Mac then you should talk to someone who has a Mac so that you can use it to remote connect. What if you can’t find someone who has a Mac? Well, in that case, there are some options you can consider.

iOS Emulator for PC

Many of you must be thinking about using an emulator so that they may play iOS apps on your PC. As stated above Garageband is developed by Apple and it also means that you can use it on your Apple devices like iPhone and iPad. The idea of using iOS emulator comes to mind because people are used to Android emulators when situation like this arises. But the problem is that iOS emulators will not allow you download and install an app developed by Apple. In other words, we can say that using iOS emulators does not make any sense if you want to download and install an Apple app.

Purchase a Mac or iPad

Purchasing a Mac or iPad is the best option you should think about if you really want to use your favorite music app Garageband. You can go for a less expensive Mac or iPad in case you don’t have enough money to buy high-end Apple devices. For instance, Mac Mini can be the best option for you. Those who don’t have money to buy new Mac Mini can also buy used Mac Mini. Once you have bought Mac Mini, all you need to do is hook it up to your computer and then you can switch in between the two computers.

What Are Garageband Alternatives for Windows?

If you don’t have a Mac or iPad then it means you cannot use Garageband. But there are programs like Garageband and these programs are as good as Garageband. Music lovers around the world use these programs without any hesitation. So, don’t limit yourself to one option that is Garageband. There are other programs which you can use. Following are the music apps we are talking about.


Apps like Garageband Alternative

  • The app is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • The app is very popular and the best thing about the app is that it is free.
  • There is no other app like this when it comes to fixing a song or clip.
  • Supports mp3, OGG, WAV, and AIFF.
  • The option of live recording.

 Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro

  • A well known DAW for Windows and Mac.
  • It is also the first choice of professional DJs.
  • It will be little heavy on your pocket as it will cost you $700.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

  • The program is available for both Mac and Windows.
  • You can read the name “Adobe” from which you can guess the quality of the program.
  • It will cost you around $300 to $350

Now you know how to get Garageband for PC and you also know what the alternatives of Garageband are for your PC and Mac.

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