What is a Microsoft Account? User Guide

Microsoft AccountYou need a Microsoft account if you want to use any of the Microsoft services. Before we go on, answer the following questions in yes or no.

  • Are you a Skype user?
  • Which version of Windows do you use? Windows 10/8/8.1
  • Have you an Xbox console at home?

Skype, Windows, and Xbox are the products and services of Microsoft. There are also some other products of Microsoft such as OneDrive, MS Office, Hotmail or Outlook.com email service and much more. Almost all the products and services of Microsoft account require users to have a Microsoft account in order to use the services. This is why we can say that if there is any Microsoft product or service you are using then you must have a Microsoft account.  Are you still confused about the word “Microsoft Account”?

Your “Microsoft Account”

Your Microsoft account is just like other normal accounts. Generally, when we use the word account we are talking about having a unique ID or email and password. The unique ID and password are also called login credentials or login information. So, whenever you need to use a Microsoft service such as Bing, Outlook.com, OneDrive, Windows 10 you use your Microsoft account (login credentials or login information) to log in. This is the age of technology and if a person has a computer he must be familiar with the terms like account, login, and password. There are millions of people who use Microsoft products or services. If you are one of them then you must have a Microsoft account.

Create Microsoft Account
Create Microsoft Account

Are You Using Microsoft Email Address

Initially, the email service of Microsoft was called MSN Hotmail.com and then it was named Windows Live Hotmail in 2005. Now Microsoft’s email service is known as Outlook.com. Generally, it is believed that one must have an Outlook.com email account in order to use any of the Microsoft services. It is true that you need an email account to use Microsoft services but Microsoft does not force anyone to use only outlook.com or hotmail.com or live.com email addresses. There are other email services like Gmail or Yahoo which you can use to create a Microsoft account.

Why Use Microsoft Account

If you have a Microsoft Account, you will get following benefits.

  • If you go somewhere and there you find a device running Windows 10/8.1 then you can use your Microsoft account to sign in. Once you are signed in, you can sync your settings.
  • Cortana is a great helping source you can find on Windows 10 devices. Use it and you will love it.
  • You can access the Windows Store where you can find and download your favorite apps.
  • Having a Microsoft account means you not only can log in into Xbox consoles but also purchase games.
  • Use Office 365
  • Sign in into Skype, send and receive text messages and make audio and video calls
  • Use OneDrive and don’t worry about storage
  • Access customized data if you sign into Bing or MSN.com

Creating a Microsoft Account

There are plenty of ways to create a Microsoft account. You just need Internet enable computer to create a Microsoft account. You can use any Internet browser to create a Microsoft account. This is how to create a new Microsoft account.

  • Go to www.outlook.com
  • Click the Sign Up button.
  • You will see a registration form or sign up form on your screen.
  • Enter the required information such as first name, last name, country, birth date, gender, phone number, alternative email address. There you will also choose username and password you want to have. You can have a username of your own choice if it is available.
  • Enter Captcha code
  • Click blue colored Create Account button.
New Microsoft Account
New Microsoft Account

Now you know about the advantages of having a Microsoft account. Don’t have an account? Create an account now and enjoy using Microsoft products and services. Hope you find this article useful.

Microsoft account sign In or Create Your Account Today https://account.microsoft.com/account. Sign In with your Microsoft account to get things done and have more fun. Creating and using a Microsoft account gives you easy access to all things digital.Please visit Microsoft official website for more information.

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