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An educational guide to learn how to find a grave or cemetery record easily with online resources. Also, find the answer to this popular question asked by a lot of people. How to find a loved one’s grave.

There are more than seven billion internet users in the world. The availability of internet and smart devices make the world a global village. People use social networks to stay connected with friends and family, watch and share movies, make video and audio calls and a lot of other things over the internet.

Billions of terabytes of data stored on the internet which we can retrieve through many methods for different purposes. Finding human-related information is a most popular activity these days.  People prefer the internet to find genealogy records such graves, interment records, or grave site information instead of visiting the offices. In this article, we will show you how to find gravesite records easily and quickly with reliable online resources.

Obituaries Online: Top Sites to Find Them

How to Find a Grave

Here’s the list of top sites which can help you to find grave site records online or links pointing to the actual resources which you can use to start your offline journey for finding genealogy records. Almost all the sites integrated a comprehensive search functionality which you can use to narrow down your search results.Learn how to find out where someone is buried or cremated.

1. FindaGrave

FindaGrave is the very first place to start your search for cemetery records. owned website contains millions of grave records and is a great resource. The interface is very simple, integrated a comprehensive search to find desired records. To find a record, enter first, middle or last name, year born, year dead and location (city, country or state) and the press “Search” button. The site showcased a variety of links on its homepage such as links for searching famous graves, cemetery search, recently added names, Add the burial records, discussion forum and others.

2. Cemetery Records Online With more than 6 millions of cemetery and burial records, it is another free database which you can use to search a grave record. The data includes surname, birth date, birthplace, death date, death place, age, and sometimes the location of the grave marker. The home page organized very well included the list of countries along with state names. In the middle of the page, they organized a special section containing more useful links for national cemeteries, flooded cemeteries, Woodman of the world, cemeteries of the California missions, death indexes of railroad accidents, airship disasters, mining disasters and ship disasters. You can explore the pages to find a specific record.

Cemetery and burial records

3. Find A Grave Index Another great place for finding the family history includes a separate section called “Find a Grave Index”. The service collects, preserve and share genealogical records not only in the United States but all over the world. The site offers a limited access to the data but a nice place to take your first step.

To search a record, provide the deceased ancestor’s name by entering the first and last name in the respective text fields. Select “Death” link under the ” Search with a life event”, and click “Search” button. You can use other options to narrow down your search.

4. Arlington National Cemetery

With over 400,000 graves, Arlington National Cemetery is a well-known military cemetery in the country. You can find comprehensive updates of daily funerals, burial information, and the listing of historical figures buried at the site.

5. Cemetery Junction Directory (Cemetery Junction Directory) is an oldest genealogical site and memorial park in the world. It contains more than 50,000 grave site records from the United States. Most of the cemetery in this directory are linked to transcriptions created by volunteers. The homepage is organized with an alphabetical listing of states which you can browse for further details. The search box is located on left side of the screen. Searching a cemetery record is very simple. The site offers a variety of ways to find grave records. Another search function is integrated at the bottom of the page which you can use to find a grave with their surname.

Cemetery Junction Directory

6. National Cemetery

The VA’s National Cemetery is another comprehensive grave locator and directory where you can find 129 national cemeteries in 41 different states along with 29 soldier’s lots and monument sites. You can use the map or state listing which will navigate you to the specific state page. The state page further contains another Google map, which marked the local cemeteries to see address and location. For example, we visited the Alabama state page, the page shows a direction map on top and cemetery Information such as address, phone number, and availability of burial space.

National Cemetery

7. maintains a special section for death, burial, cemetery, and obituaries records. Here, you can find a comprehensive information such as birth and death records, cause of death,  family trees, cemetery and interment details, and obituaries. They also created a multifunctional search area where you can select different options as per your requirements.

Ancestry Grave Finder


Organizes a complete list of Cemetery Records for the United States. To find a location, click the state links and then, city or county. Top navigation includes important links such as census records, DNA, military records, native American and vital records

8. Cyndi’s List‘s Cemeteries and Funeral Homes section is another great source for those who are looking for grave sites and genealogical records. The site doesn’t require any reiteration and you can explore for free. The site also organizes a variety of other categories including cemetery photo & transcription, funeral cards & booklets, locality-specific A-Z index, military monuments, and memorials & tombstones.

Cemeteries and Funeral Homes


DeathIndexes is a free directory contains popular web links. The homepage is divided into three different categories i.e.,

  • General Cemetery Records Listings
  • Military Cemeteries
  • Jewish Burial Records

Each section further incorporated links which navigate you to the online resources that offer comprehensive information about grave sites, cemetery search, burial records and other related portals.

10. Other Free Resources

Please keep in mind that not everything is available online. However, these resources may help you to gather main points which you can use to get the required information.

Genealogical and grave records are rare on the internet and you cannot find everything on your first attempt. You have to search multiple keywords, visit different websites and categories.

  • Learn how to find obituaries online. After reading this guide, you will surely find detailed information about death notices, interment and obituaries. Searching such kind of data is a little bit difficult, sometimes you cannot get the exact information immediately. However, you will surely find the useful piece of content which you can use to start your offline search. Read this article which helps you in your research for obituaries.
  • To enhance your research, you may need to find public records online. Government offices and organizations put public records online which can be accessed through their web portals. Presenting the top ten search tools to track down the public records including cemetery and grave site records, death notices and interment information online.

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