How to Find Your Internet Protocol Address in Windows

Internet IP Windows

Internet Protocol address of your computer is used for many purposes. This is why you must know what exactly your Internet Protocol address is. You need IP address if you are setting up remote desktop apps. But before you do that you must know how to find IP address of your computer. Some people use services like “What’s My IP” to find their IP address. But you need to know that such services only help you find the public IP of your router not the IP for your computer. There are two commonly used ways to find IP address of the computer you are using

  • Through the Connections List
  • Via the Command Prompt’s IPConfig command

Through the Connections List

First of all, you need to locate “Network” icon from the System tray located at the right side of the task bar. Simply click the “Network and Internet” option and find the network connection of your computer in the list. You will open the Network Connections Details window by simply clicking “Network and Internet” option. You should see “IPv4 Address” detailing IP address of your computer. If you want to know the local IP address of your router, see “IPv4 Default Gateway” heading.

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Using IPConfig Command

You simply need to open the command prompt window. Click the Start button and select “Run.” Enter cmd in the text field and hit Enter button. You should see Command Prompt window on your screen. Type “ipconfig” and a list of information will be shown. IP address of your computer will be listed next to IPv4 entry in the list. Learn how to renew computer IP address.

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