Find Pin Number on a Mobile Phone

Find Pin Number on Cell Phone

Today a common man is required to learn a lot of numbers such as passwords, identification numbers, and bank account numbers. So he forgets one or two of those, it is no big deal. We use PIN numbers for our cell phone in order to lock the phone which gives us the sense of security.

There are many advantages of using the lock such as it protects the information and data on your phone and makes the phone useless if someone other than you try to get something out of it. But what if you lose the PIN, there is a way you can follow to find your forgotten PIN.

To Find Pin Number on Your Cell Phone

  • When you see the PIN screen on your mobile phone, start entering the last four digit of your phone number. The last four digits of your mobile phone number are the default number assigned as your PIN.
  • Enter 9999. If it proves to be a useless activity then enter 1111. The number sequence 9999 and 1111 are other standard numbers assigned when choosing a cell phone.
  • Switch off your cell phone. Remove the back cover of your phone and take out the battery. Locate the IMEI number and write down correctly. Put the battery and back cover back and turn on your phone. You need to enter the last four number of the IMEI number on the PIN entry screen. Four numbers you just entered may be the preset PIN of your service provider for the cell phone.
  • Contact your service provider and request the PIN. You will be asked to provide personal information such as your cell phone number, address etc just to make sure that you are their customer.

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