Find Router’s External IP Address

Find Router External IP Address

Routers are commonly used in offices and home to share a common Internet connection. These routers usually feature 2 networking interfaces. It is important for you to know that external or incoming interface connects to the Internet connection device and the rest of the network is connected to the internal interface.

You will find most of the routers of this type with an integrated four-port switch connected to the router’s outgoing interface internally. Both external and internal interfaces have a separate Internet Protocol address. You need to know the internal IP address of the router which you will use to find the external IP address of the router.

Finding Router’s External IP

  • Firstly, launch your Internet browser.
  • Click in the address bar of the browser, enter internal IP address of the browser and hit Enter button from the keyboard. The internal IP address of the router can also be found in the router’s manual.
  • You will use administrative username and password of the router to login. Refer to the router manual for login details.
  • Hit the enter button on the keyboard. Now whatever you see on your computer screen depends on the type of router you are using. There are some routers that display the External IP address immediately and there are some others that display a “status” link which you click to get the desired information.

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