Finding an Unknown Telephone Number

Find Unknown Phone Number

We often receive calls from unknown numbers. Sometimes we are waiting for a special call let’s say an interview call and we don’t want to miss it. You are landed on the right page if you want to know how you can find an unknown telephone number. The Internet has made things easy for us. You can search almost anything on the Internet. There are free search options you can use to track unknown callers. Paid search options are also available if you are interested. Find a phone number in the UK

Below we have discussed both free options and paid options.

Free Options of Find Unknows Phone Numbers

  1. You can use any popular search engine like Google. Open Google and enter the number in the search bar. The chances of finding the owner of the number are higher if it is a business number. There is a website named White Pages. Access and type the number you want to track in the ‘reverse phone lookup’ field. There you can find out if it was a landline or a mobile phone. If you don’t get what you are looking for then on the same page there is a paid option PeopleSmart which you can use.
  2. Access official website of Yellow Pages at and there you will find ‘by phone number’ link at the upper side of the page. Click in the search field and type area code and phone number.
  • 800notes is another free option you can use to find an unknown number.

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Paid Options to Find Unknown Phone Numbers

  1. Again you can use a search engine like Google to find the number but this time you will be searching paid or fee-based options. Have you heard about US Search? It is a paid service. If you use US Search, you can get name and address of the person who owns the number.
  2. Text the number from your mobile phone to 566587. They offer unlimited searches for after you have paid their fee.

Make sure that you enter the phone number in the format required by each site. You will see that some sites want to you to enter phone number without including any characters, some require dashes or spaces in between the number.

You don’t need to answer the 900 numbers because most of them are scams.

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