Finding a Driver’s Version Number in Windows 7

Driver's Version Number in Windows 7

Do you need to know a driver’s version number in Windows 7? If yes, ok then, we will show you the process you need to follow to get what you want. Sometimes we want to update a driver but we don’t know the current version of the driver we have installed. This is why it is very important to first find out the driver’s version number you already have because if you have the latest driver then you will not need to update it.

Now we will show you how to find a driver’s version number in Windows 7.

How to Do It?

Here is how you can find a driver’s version number in Windows 7.

  • Click Start button and select Control Panel from the menu.
  • Now you have opened Control Panel. Click ‘System and Security’

If you don’t find ‘System and Security’ then means your view to Control Panel is set to large icons, small icons or classical view. So, locate and click ‘Device Manager’ and then skip the step below and move on to the fourth step.

  • Locate and click ‘Device Manager’. Now which device you want to find the driver version number of. Locate the desired device.
  • Right-click on the name or icon of the device and click on Properties.
  • Click the ‘Driver’ tab in the ‘Properties’ window
  • There you will look for ‘Driver Version’ and you can find the version number next to it.

Now you have found the driver’s version number and you know if you should update it or not.

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