Five Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for Android

Photoshop Android Alternatives

In this educational guide, we will show you best apps similar to Photoshop which you can use on your Android phone or tablet. Photoshop is the most popular image editing tool in the world, available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

It’s easier now than ever before to become a creative designer or a photographer. Availability of smart devices and photo editing tools makes some people more creative than others. There are so many software and apps on the market but Photoshop has long been the king of photo-editing tools. It is more popular among professionals than common users because it is a little bit complicated. It needs proper guidance in order to use this amazing tool.

Adobe offers its Android version “Adobe Photoshop Express”. With more than 67 million users, it has got a four-star rating which is fair enough. It includes an extensive range of features which you can use to crop, straighten, rotate, and flip your photos easily and quickly.

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Top Photo Editors Software and Apps similar to Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop is a world-class tool, and it has no real competitors in the market. It is no doubt, a complete creative suite not only professional designers but also for beginners. But still, if you are looking for other alternatives, then read the complete guide to know about some amazing similar apps like Adobe Photoshop for your Android phone or tablet. Here’s a list of best Photoshop alternatives you can use for photo editing.

1. Photo Editor Pro

Create by: Zentertain
Price: Free – Get it from Google Play Store

Photo Editor ProCreativity needs nothing but you. Similarly, photo editing needs nothing but the Photo Editor Pro. The app is quicker than its main competitor Adobe Photoshop Express. That’s why people prefer this app over others.

Cool stickers and nice filters will surely make your photos look professional and appealing. Extensive range of tools includes photo frames, amazing stickers, Crop, rotate, straighten, drawing, text, brightness, contrast, color, saturation, Sharpen, blur and a whole lot more.

Zentertain Photo Editor Pro

2. Snapseed

Create by: Google LLC
Price: Free – Get it from Google Play Store

SnapseedCreativity has no boundaries but Snapseed has a clear-cut boundary. It is designed for common users. No matter what your level of expertise, you can easily use this amazing image editing Android app. It is a complete and professional photo editor. Besides the fact that it’s a new app in the market, it quickly turns into a popular photo editor on Google Play Store.

Google-owned photo edit, Snapseed has almost all the basic and advanced features. Basic features include crop, select, lasso, slice, brush, color, eraser and others. Similarly, it offers more advanced features for photo manipulation. Auto contrast, auto color, brightness, auto contrast, hue, saturation, invert, equalize, flip, rotate and a lot of others.

If you want to transform your images, then this tool can help you. Some features are unique and you cannot find them in other photo transformation tools.

  • Tune Image: Popular image manipulation filter which you can use to abject exposure and color. It helps you to makeover the photo automatically or you can do it manually.
  • RAW Develop: You can manipulate Adobe Digital Negative Raw Image file easily and quickly and save them as JPG format.
  • Selective Editing: Select eight different places on your image to apply changes. The interesting thing is the app will automatically balance those changes and apply on the full image.
  • Glamour Glow: It helps you to apply a very fine tune of glow. Most popular among fashion photographers.
  • Face Pose & Enhance: This amazing filter will apply automatically different kinds of face manipulation effects which make your image more clear, bright, and smoothen skin.

Please keep in mind that this app cannot let you take a photo from within the app. For photo enhancement, you need to capture a photo using your regular photo camera before you start or just click the pen icon located at the right bottom of your screen.

Snapseed Photo Editor

3. Pixlr

Create by: 123RF
Price: Free – Get it from Google Play Store

Pixlr Photo EditorIt’s time to expose your ideas and be creative. If you are looking for an unlimited range of effects, tunes, overlays, and filters, then install Pixlr, which is another Photoshop alternative photo editing app. It is free and contains ads. However, you can buy more advanced features and filters within the app.

Create a photo collage with the combination of your favorite snaps easily and quickly. Not only this, but you can also overlay multiple photos to make amazing colored mash-up which will surely blow your mind.

The sketch tool will turn your photo into a pencil drawing portrait. Use this tool if you are a drawing geek.

Design beautiful digital greeting cards easily using Pixlr’s effects and text tool. It featured a very special text tool which you can use to add text to your photos. You can choose different fonts, color, style along with bold and italic options. I have created unique and beautiful birthday cards for my fiancé.

Other features, tools a, d special effects include crop, straighten, rotate, flip, contrast, color balance, light, shadows, tint, sharpen, saturation, and hundreds of others.

4. AirBrush

Create by: Meitu Technology
Price: Free – Get it from Google Play Store

AirBrushPerfection needs time and creativity needs perfection. If you want to live your life in a creative way, then use AirBrush Easy Photo Editor. Millions of people used this tool to create wonderful images. There are so many filters and effects that you can use to style your photos. It is a favorite fast and easy do-it-yourself app with wonderful photo effects.

5. More Similar Apps

There are a lot of photo editing apps on Google Play Store. Here’s list of other popular apps.

  • PhotoDirector: Powerful yet easy photo editing app. Use HSL sliders and RGB color channels to make your photo more creative and iconic.
  • PicsArt Photo Studio: A perfect Collage, poster and greeting cards maker. clipart library, stickers, and drawing tools are just amazing.
  • DSLR Photo Effects & Editor: A place for creating nice color effect photos. Free photo frames, Best selfie makeover tool.

Please don’t hesitate to tell us your favorite photo editing app. You can also write a review of the apps listed above. So which one is your favorite Photoshop alternative? My favorite app is SnapSeed. Also, share your views in the comments.

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