Fix AT&T U-verse TV Disconnect

Fix AT&T U-verse TV Disconnect

Having AT&T U-verse disconnect issues? Sometimes these kinds of issues arise when there are loose wires plugged into the U-verse receiver. Make sure batteries in your remote control are not weak. There are different functions you perform using the remote control such as adjusting the volume and changing the channels. Fiber optic cable is connected to the AT&T U-verse receiver. You will also see flashing LED button on the front of the receiver showing its current working status. You will have to restart the receiver if you see the red light instead of green on the front of the receiver.

How to Fix U-verse TV Disconnect

  • First of all, you need to make sure that all the cables are connected properly. If you find your receiver switched off, plug the power cable into an alternate outlet.
  • Locate “AT&T” button on your remote control and press it to switch the remote control to connect to the receiver.
  • Long-press the power button on the front of the receiver to switch it off. Now press the power button to switch on the device and wait for it to power up.

Important Tip

  • Dial 800-ATT-2020 for technical support service, if the problem is not solved after going through all three steps mentioned above.

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