How to Fix ‘Google Play Store Not Working’ Error

Error Google Play Not Working

You are trying to access Google Play Store but what you get in return is a message that reads ‘Google Play Store Not Working’. We can understand that you must be very frustrating to see the ‘Google Play Store Not Working’ message. Some experts say that updating your Android operating system can fix the error. But the problem is that some people who updated to the latest version are still facing the error.

There is a way to fix this error. When you see such an error on the screen of your Android device it is difficult to identify the exact reason behind it. This is what makes things difficult for us. There may be different things causing the ‘Google Play Store Not Working’ error. We talked to different users and tried to find out what they do when they experience such error and how they fix it. Below, we have listed various solutions of ‘Google Play Store Not Working’ error. Hope at least one of these fixes will work in your case.

Date and Time Settings

The very first thing you need to do is that make sure that date and time are accurate. If there is something wrong with date and time settings then there are chances that you will face ‘Google Play Store Not Working’ error. Uncheck the ‘Automatic Time Zone’ setting to see if it fixes the problem. Some people we talked to said to find it helpful.

This is how you can uncheck ‘Automatic Time Zone’.

  • Go to Settings
  • Touch ‘Date and Time’
  • There you can uncheck the ‘Automatic Time Zone’.

Check Your Gmail Login Credentials

The very first thing you need to do is that make sure that you have entered correct Gmail login credentials. Some users face the ‘Google Play Store Not Working Error’ error because they are not signed in. You must be signed in if you want to use Google Play Store app from connecting. Sometimes we are logged in but still, we are unable to access the Google Play Store app. In that case, we recommend you log out and then login again to Google Play Store.

Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode

It is possible that the Google Play Store app is not causing the error but it is something else like your device’s connection causing the trouble. Turn on Airplane mode and wait for a couple of minutes and then turn off the Airplane mode. This is a simple trick and sometimes it works, so try it.

Try Using Browser

Android devices work differently from the Apple devices. If you have an Apple device, you will go to the App Store to install your favorite apps and that is the only way you can install apps. But things are different when you are using Android devices. Of course, you can download apps from the Google Play Store app but there is also another way to use Google Play Store. You can access the Google Play Store through an Internet browser. When you open the Google Play Store through an Internet browser you may be prompted to open the Google Play Store app.

Try Restarting Your Device

Some restarting the Android device solves this problem. There is no need to go for factory reset as factory reset should be the last thing you should think about. Restarting the Android device often helps solve minor issues like the one you are facing. So there are chances that after restarting your Android device you will be able to access Google Play Store app without facing any kind problem. You can restart your device couple of times if the problem persists.

Clear Cache

There is a lot of data stored in your device’s cache which makes it easy for your device to load pages you open frequently. The data is stored and not downloaded every time you open a page. You must be wondering if data stored in the cache is so important then why clear cache. Well, you are right but the problem is that data store in cache often creates errors like the one you are experiencing. This is why there is nothing wrong in clearing cache. Follow the instruction below to clear your cache.

  • Go to Settings and then go to Apps
  • Next, go to ‘All Apps’
  • Select the Google Play Store app
  • There you will touch ‘Force Stop’
  • Touch ‘Clear Cache’

Factory Reset

As we said above that factory resetting your device should be the last thing you should think about. This is why we are talking about this option in the end. By now you have tried everything mentioned above but nothing worked. So, now you can go for factory reset. You know what factory reset means, don’t you? When you factory reset your device it means you have erased all the settings. Don’t forget to back up your data before you factory reset your device.

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