How to Fix Movie HD No Connection Retry Error

Fix Movie HD No Connection Retry Error

Are you looking at “No Connection Error” message on your screen? This often happens when your Movie HD is not working and you try to update it. In this article, we will offer a solution to the problem so that you may enjoy watching your favorite movies on Movie HD.

In this article, we have tried to highlight all the issues associated with “No connection retry error”. Users, of Movie HD, often complain about this error so, we have decided to address this issue here.  You just have to follow the instructions given in this article in order to avoid such problems. This is how to fix this issue.

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No Connection Retry Error Fix

No Connection Retry error mainly occurs when you try to watch movies that are recently made available for viewers of Movie HD. But you don’t need to worry about it. There are two things you can do about it. You will surely find the article very useful.

  1. Using MFTInstaller

Have you heard about MFTInstaller? Basically, it is an apk file that consists of Movie HD and some other apps. You don’t have to pay anything to get the app.

  • The very first thing you need to do is download the MTFInstaller apk on your phone.
  • If you have used your PC to download the file then you need to move the apk file to your smartphone.
  • Now access the apk on your smartphone and install it.
  • Once MFTInstaller has installed, open the app and go to “Movies/TV”
  • You will see Movie HD there. Install it.
  • Now open the app and start watching your favorite movies

This is the first method you can use if you want to fix No Connection Retry Error.

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  1. Wi-Fi Connection Settings

All you have to do is turn on and turn off your Wi-Fi connection settings. Once you have done it, open the app. It often works.

This is how you can fix Movie HD not streaming or No connection problems. You can also use the same instructions for other movie apps like Mega Box HD and Sky HD.

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