13 Amazing Websites for Free Audio Books Online

Free Audio Books

Listening books can be more enjoyable than reading conventional paper books. There are so many places on the internet where you can download free audio books to enhance your personal collection. You can listen to books on your personal laptop, computer, Smartphone, iPod, MP3 player and media player without any hesitation. These audio books are available on public domain, so you can download and use without any fear of legality issues.

Downloading an audiobook is not a complex task but to do that, you have to find authentic and reliable online resources. To overcome this hesitation, we have arranged a list of good sites that offer free public domain audiobooks from where you can download books for your digital library.

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Top Places to Download Free Audio Books. All the free audiobook resources are legally available on public domains. Most of the books are in MP3 formats. So you can download these audio books for your PM3 player, computer or smart devices such as Smartphone and tablets.

1. Podiobooks

Podiobooks free audio booksVisit Website

Podiobooks is now part of Scribl and you can access the site via Scribl.com. There are a variety of audiobooks available for free as well as for reasonable price. Free books included advertisement into it. The books are available in form of chapters, so you can get chapters via RSS or through iTunes.

You can also download the complete series of a specific book directly on your computer and transfer it into your Smartphone or iPad to listen to it anywhere, anytime without any hesitation. Podiobooks apps are still available on iTunes, and Google Play.

2. Lit2Go


The Lit2Go is no doubt, a virtual treasure trove of free educational resources not only for students but also for people of all ages. If you like stories and poems in Mp3 format to download onto your audio player, then Lit2Go is the best place for you. According to the University of South Florida, Lit2Go is very popular among educators.

Author’s page will definitely give you a mind-boggling sense of imaginations because it has a list of most wanted authors such as William Miller, Laura Richards, Frank Rinder, and hundreds of others. You can find tons of literature ranging from children books to comics to fictions.

3. Audible


Amazon-owned Audible is the largest producer and seller of digital stuff such as audiobooks, magazines and educational material over the internet. Audible is not free but offers a free trial for 30 days. So you can download one free book of your choice during the trial period.

To get a free trial, Click here

Audible offers the finest selection of exclusive audiobooks in various formats. So you can listen to your books anywhere, anytime with the free app. You can download Android and iOS apps for your phone or tablets.

4. Open Culture

Open Culture Free Audiobooks

Open Culture is a blog dedicated to educational resources ranging from fiction to poetry to non-fiction. There are plenty of free audio books available for free for your MP3 player, iPod or smartphone. The portal also offers free online courses, ebooks, language learning courses and textbooks without any cost.

You’ll find the fine piece of literature from the greatest authors like Tolstoy, Asimov, James Patterson, Orwell and lot of others. The good thing is that all the books are in multiple formats so you can download listen to on any device.

5. OverDrive

OverDrive - Download Free Books

OverDrive is the best place to find great audio books. The site offers thousands of audio and video books from local libraries all over the world. If you have a library card for your local library, then you can access unlimited audiobooks and ebooks absolutely free.

You can access content from your local library with OverDrive. The collection includes two million pieces of great content including audio books, video books, PDF, and music.

OverDrive offers audio books from more than 35,000 libraries in 40 countries. A sign up is required to use the portal.

6. Librivox


The volunteers are always ready to help. Librivox is a place where you can find free audiobooks created by hundreds of credible volunteers from all over the world. They read chapters and then upload on public domains for the public. Find the latest audiobook releases right from the home page. You can enhance your search by visiting the specific portion of content such as author, genre, title or language.

7. Learn Out Loud

LearnOutLoud.com - Audio Books, Podcasts, & Videos
LearnOutLoud.com – Audio Books, Podcasts, & Videos

Learn Out Loud hosts immense amount of free audio books along with educational material. No doubt, it is one of the largest collection of learning audio books, free courses, podcasts and other educational stuff for your audio player.

The content is divided into different categories for the specific area of interest. At Learn Out Loud, you can not only listen to your favorite audiobooks but also can stream educational videos that you can learn from.

8. Project Gutenberg


Project Gutenberg is also a volunteer-powered collection of free public domain audio and video books. The portal stored more than 55,000 titles ranging from fine arts to crime to music. Explore different categories or use site search to find great literature. You can also find rare books for which copyright has expired and volunteers create audios for public use.

9. StoryNory


Original stories from classics authors, StoryNory is specialized in children audio books created by actors and other talented narrators. The portal features a lot of exclusive stories for kids. Interesting stories about princesses, pirates, birds, dogs and other popular topics. So if you are looking best audio collection for your kids, then explore and download best audio books.

The site interface is engaging. You can find nice collection right from the home page. Use site search to find stories from specific authors or your favorite topics.

10. Loyal Books

Loyal Books: Free Audio Books & eBook
Loyal Books: Free Audio Books & eBook

Interesting place to find audio books categorized in the list of top 100. You can view the list of best fiction, drama, crime, mastery, and lot of other genres.

Just like other online platforms, you can listen to your favorite books online, can download for your personal collection. Not only this, but you can also download all the chapter at once in a zip file to listen to audio books anywhere to go.

Other Resources for Free Audio Books Online

Besides the places we mentioned above, there are a variety of sites from which you can download free audiobooks.

Librophile: Diver public domain audiobooks for free. Browse most recent and popular books arranged in different categories.

Light Up Your Brain: Kids can read and listen at the same time. The site offers a collection of amazing stories.

Free Classic AudioBooks: Great collection of classic and fiction audiobooks available in a variety of formats to listen to on Android and iPhone.

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