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iPhone Ringtones Apps

You may have seen many apps claiming to be the best iPhone ringtone apps. But most of the time the performance of those ringtone apps does not match with their claims. iPhone does not come with the built-in feature using which you can create ringtones. So you have to rely on third-party apps and software to create customized ringtones.

The apps we are going to talk about are the best apps of their kind. If you don’t want to create your own ringtone then you can choose one from pre-made ringtones of the apps. Almost all the apps below offer pre-made ringtones.

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Best Ringtone Apps for Your iPhone & iPad.

Try these amazing ringtones apps to download or create ringtones for iPhone and iPad. All apps are available for free on iTunes. Read full description for download and installation instructions.

Ringtone Designer Pro

Ringtone Designer ProYou must agree that creating your own iPhone ringtone was never this easy. If you have an app like Ringtone Designer Pro then you can create your own ringtones within seconds. The ringtones you create can be up to forty seconds long. Ringtone Designer Pro requires you to sync with iTunes in order to transfer ringtones to your iPhone. This app is the first choice of many especially when it comes to creating ringtones from your iPhone’s songs.
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Ringtone Wizard Pro

Ringtone Wizard ProNext iPhone ringtone app we are going to talk about is Ringtone Wizard Pro. You will be happy to know that the app is compatible with the 4th generation iPod touch. The app allows you create a unique ringtone for each contact saved on your iPhone. Ringtone Wizard Pro allows you send the ringtones you created to your friends through email.
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RingTunes for iPhoneYou will have to pay little more than you usually pay to get apps like RingTunes. It is a great app and you will love the interface. If you are looking for an app that allows you create ringtones up to forty seconds long then RingTunes is the app for you. There is an option in the app using which you can preview your ringtone during the editing process. There are not many apps that offer File Manager. RingTunes offer you File Manager to keep maintain your ringtone library.
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RingTone Maker

RingTone Maker iPhoneAlmost all the apps you find on our list are easy to use. RingTone Maker, just like other apps, allows you create a forty seconds long ringtones. You will be using songs from your music library to create ringtones. If you don’t want to use songs from your music library then you can record new sounds using the microphone.
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1500 Ringtones Unlimited

1500 Ringtones UnlimitedThis app is for those who want to use pre-made ringtones. You can guess from the name of the app that the app has more than one thousand ringtones. Unlike other apps, 1500 Ringtones Unlimited does not charge you against per download. There you will different categories of ringtones making it easy for you to decide what kind of ringtone you want. Popular categories are funny sounds, relaxing tones, etc.
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Caller ID Ringtones

Caller ID RingtonesOur next ringtone app is Caller ID Ringtones. It is not like other apps you see on our list. Other apps are used to create ringtones. But Caller ID app speaks the name of the person calling you. The app has support for more than fifteen hundred names and five hundred relationships. For instance, you can set the app to hear ‘Your father is calling’. There are also a number of themes which you can apply to your contacts.


Ringtone ConverterRing.tones has an eye-catching interface. The app offers you over hundred pre-made sounds. There are different kinds of sounds such as alarms, fart sounds, animal noises, car sounds etc. Yes, you are right Ring.tones+ offers a limited number of sounds as compared to other apps like 1,500 Ringtones Unlimited. But still, the app Ring.tones+ deserves a try

HD Ringtone Creator Unlimited

HD Ringtone Creator UnlimitedLast but not the least is HD Ringtone Creator Unlimited. It is a simple app that allows you create your own ringtones. The app will use music from your existing music library to create your favorite ringtones. One major downside is HD Ringtone Creator Unlimited does not let you edit while a song is playing. Besides this, the app works great. The quality of the ringtones is also very good.
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Ringtone Star

The very first app on our list is Ringtone Star. We bet that you will love the editing interfaces of the app. Ringtone Star has made the process of creating ringtones a piece of cake. Ringtone tops our list of ringtone apps because of the features it offers. So, get the app now and start creating as many ringtones as you want. Your ringtones will be up to forty seconds long.

We have listed best iPhone apps from which you can choose to download ringtones for your iPhone. Please don’t forget to share your views in the comments.

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